How To Launch Your App Idea For (Almost) Free – Part 11 & 12: Getting Help And Wrapping it All Up


The Bubble Forum is a community of Bubble users that assists other. In this forum, users have the freedom to submit ideas, ask product related questions, request features, and discuss app ideas. Through this forum, information can be made accessible to everyone. Moreover, the B Forum (aka the Bubble Forum) includes different categories for users such as plugins, databases, APIs, responsiveness, app organisation, and mobile app design.


Upwork is a worldwide freelancing platform where independent professionals and their clients connect and engage remotely. Upwork has around 12 million registered freelancers and approximately 5 million listed clients. Annually, three million jobs are posted on Upwork with a worth of over a billion dollars, which makes it largest market of freelancers in the world. The company’s platform enables clients to hire, interview and work with agencies and freelancers. This worldwide platform now offers a real-time chat feature, which reduces the time to locate or hire freelancers. Through this platform, potential clients can locate top freelancers in a wide variety of categories, including graphic design, web, mobile and software development, writing, editing and proofreading, sales and marketing, data science and analytics, and accounting.

Four steps are usually involved in finding a freelancer on Upwork. First, post your job, including details about the project, pricing, time constraints and so forth. Almost immediately you will begin to receive proposals; the longer you wait, the more you will receive—often to the point of overload. Your next step is to compare bids, work history, and reviews. Finally, interview those freelancers that seem a good fit for your project and eventually hire one. If you wish, you can connect with your freelancer using messages, chat, and video calls. Upwork makes it easy to share files and billing is quite straightforward.

Talk to me about bringing your start up and MVP to life. With over 20 years of development experience and having launched 6 start ups of my own, I can guide you through the process to ensure you successfully launch your app idea. offers many services, including:

  1. Mobile and web apps

Users can turn their ideas into a reality from design to delivery and be personally assisted through the entire process.

  1. Responsive design

Bubble services create user experiences and designs that function perfectly and look great on mobile, tablet and full screen.

  1. Complex workflows

The software development background of the designers of enables them to develop a broad range of workflow solutions.

  1. Custom API development and integration

Integrating data and driving that data to an external application can be tricky but this platform makes the process far less time consuming.

  1. Custom plugins

Custom plugins can be designed and developed to accommodate a customer that requires something completely unique and original.

  1. Start up Consulting

Since I’ve been through the start up process myself, I provide a unique blend of technology expertise and business acumen. I’ve worked at a virtual CTO for a number of successful start ups and assisted them in going from idea to launch to success. Send me an email or schedule a meeting and lets see how I can help to you.

Wrapping It Up

Depending on your background with computers and with technology in general, you have probably found the preceding pages interesting, informative, puzzling, confusing—or totally incomprehensible. After all, you are trying to launch a start up that will change the world, and the last thing you want is to become a computer guru. If this is you, believe me, I understand.

Even no-code platforms like Bubble can appear threatening to someone with little or no computer or design background. I suggest you dive into Bubble, get some experience, find out what you don’t understand or where you get stuck and then email me. I will be delighted to help get you on your way again. And, of course, I’d be happy to take on any tasks that you are not yet ready to handle—or to show you how to do them yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide. If there is any way I can make this guide better, I would really love to hear your feedback. Email me at [email protected] and let me know what I need to improve.

All the Best!

Robert Brooks


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