Why Your Bakery Needs a Web App

You might think that a bakery and technology is an unusual combo. However, with the market now transitioning to virtual communities, it’s a channel that’s worth exploring which just might level up your baked goods to a new peak.

With web apps popping up left and right for every imaginable industry, competition to be seen above the sea of rivaling brands gets fiercer by the day. Not to mention that creating interactive, fun, and functional web apps have become much easier with the help of no-code tools like Bubble that allow any business owner to create apps for their businesses stress-free. Now, anyone can do it even without experience in web development or design!

No-code platforms where you can build your web apps with ease with the help of hundreds of ready-made templates that you can customize to your preferences.  You don’t even need to learn coding to get you started, all you need is a vision for your branding. You can also create your own with easy drag-and-drop actions to add features that you think your customers will need for smoother order processing and customer service.

These apps can increase your productivity on the storefront as well as your backend operations gearing your business to run like a well-oiled and high-functioning system.

Piqued? Now that we know the “why,” let’s check out some other benefits of having a web app for your bakery!

Upgrade Your Social Media Presence and Increase Your Traffic

Everyone is on social media. This means all your potential customers are in that watering hole, waiting to be tipped off on the best baked goods in their area. Leap at the chance to show off your deliciously fresh baked goods by posting on social media and getting viewers to share them on theirs as well.

Make that easier for everyone by adding share buttons on your web app for the most prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Think about it as gathering a crowd outside your bakery and showcasing your products without having to invest too much effort as this can also be a cheap medium for marketing strategies that haul big results.

This also expands your market to a bigger scope. Foot traffic is great, but having more people know about your breads, cakes, and muffins will set your bakery up for bigger sales.

Low-cost Expansion

What no-code tools offer is a low-cost way to expand your business with free templates and features to create a web app that arouses interest and draws attention but also serves functionality. By having useful features like shop managing tools that can present daily orders, delivery schedules, and sales summaries, your web app can serve as an all-around tool for your business.

Bubble also offers additional templates and features you can unlock at affordable rates for more premium vibes and extensive functionalities. For more tailored configurations, pro no-code builders like MVP also offer their services to create, maintain, and manage your web apps at a cheaper cost compared to web devs or designers.

Increased Productivity

Running a bakery can’t be easy. There are many complex systems that go into a smooth-running operation such as the kitchen and its inventory, store maintenance, and operations and sales. In this, no-code tools come in handy.

When building your web app, you can drag and drop an inventory management system to keep track of your raw ingredients and never run out. Set up a notification for when supplies run low or better yet, get an automated ordering system going so you never run out of essential ingredients. This ensures you never have to stop production or have missing products on your menu.

Having a web app can also make it easier for your customers to order from your bakery through order forms and flexible online payment options. This ensures that your bakery is accessible and is just a click away for anyone craving a quick cupcake fix. Custom cakes for every and any occasion can also be made easy with request popups and chat features so it’s easier to communicate with your customers which leaves less room for mistakes.

Analytics to Get You Farther

Operating your business blind is the old way. Nowadays, everything can be measured through standards and metrics. And your bakery is no exception. Creating a no-code web app through Bubble gives you access to crucial analytics for your business.

The data can tell you which of your yummy goods sell the best and which ones might need some revisions in the kitchen. Analysis can also tell you which market groups are more likely to buy from you and which ones you need better promotions for. Gaining information on these details can give you a better footing in making future decisions for your business.

What’s Next?

The key to being a relevant business venturer is to always look for ways to grow your brand. Bakeshops are just as competitive as any other industry with fresh ideas on baked goods that are comforting as they are delectable and the well-loved sweet treats that never get old.

In the era of convenience – where every customer is royalty, the virtual market is the highway to improving your brand, and therefore your revenue, to keep your bakery business thriving.

Still a little overwhelmed and unsure where to start your web app journey? We’ve got you covered! Get professionals to build you your very own tailor-cut web app at reasonable prices.

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