Why You Should Build an App for Your Auto Mechanic Garage Repair Shop Now

In any industry, the pressure to stand out from the competition is always a fierce and unpredictable struggle. The demand for convenience in every facet of people’s lives is the driving force of consumerism – and thus, should be THE goal.

And what better way to plate up your service than being ever-present through the internet? Being accessible and visible through online services on mobile devices delivers on that demand to be a few clicks away from a car repair. The answer to progressing your garage services is having an app.

Building your own app from scratch sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Fear not, no-code building tools such as Bubble pave the road for business owners with the goal to expand their services to a wider virtual market. With Bubble, creating your very own app can be as simple as dragging and dropping sections and icons into your page – letting it work its magic. No coding history? No worries! Because with user-friendly interfaces and straightforward on-page tutorials it’ll be as easy as assembling Lego blocks into whatever your imagination takes you.

If it still sounds like a daunting and exhausting mountain to climb, no-code app builders can take the weight off your shoulders by creating a comprehensive auto mechanic repair service app that details all your offerings in an imaginative yet helpful tool for both you and your customers. No-code app pros like MVP, can create features such as automated scheduling systems as well as an organized inventory to make your garage services run more smoothly.

What difference does having an app have for your auto mechanic garage repair shop?

It’s understandable to still run hot and cold with the idea, so let’s articulate the perks of having your own auto mechanic app.

Automation of processes

Running a garage is a dynamic system that has many moving parts. From customers asking for estimates, to collecting materials and tools for repairing cars of different models, up to aftersale services there are a lot of things to supervise. Solution – automated processing. Here are some advantages of automating processes in your operations.

a.   Operations

With Bubble’s highly customizable app builder, adding features that can help you run the operations in your garage better can be achievable in minutes. Estimates for parts and repairs can be pre-set so that customers can get immediate and accurate estimates without needing active assistance from your crew. Technicians can also benefit from apps that can help them fill in job reports, as well as order parts they need for a repair.

b.   Scheduling

Another friction that can be smoothed out is by automating schedules for technicians and jobs that need tending. By making this step simpler, you’re also eliminating opportunities for mistakes and miscommunication.

c.   Inventory

It’s hard to keep track of your inventory when you have multiple technicians working with different clients. Therefore, setting up your app with an inventory that updates automatically will help you track your stocks in real-time.

d.   Vehicle history

Tedious tracking of each client’s record and new client’s request can be made easy with pop-up order forms that can take customers through a convenient step-by-step process which also makes it easier for you to get the full summary of their issue in a more straightforward fashion.

e.   Sales and Invoicing

Pro Bubble app builders like MVP can also facilitate your sales and invoicing process into your app. By embedding features that generate invoices on the spot, technicians can wrap up jobs and get sales quickly. Allowing online payment also increases the app’s value and makes the whole experience effortless.

Increased visibility

Running a successful auto-mechanic garage repair shop by waiting for walk-in customers to drop by is a pipe dream. With competitors making themselves as available to the market as they possibly can, it’s logical to step up your online game to keep up with your rivals.

Creating an interactive and imaginative app that’s also functional can get you noticed not only by locals but in an even wider demographic. Utilizing powerful no-code app builders like Bubble is the easiest way to scale up without spending a fortune because they have tiered rates depending on your business needs and budget allowances.

Secure Space

As integrity and security are probably the most essential values in any business, it’s also advantageous to make sure that all your data, including your customer’s personal information, are kept in a safe space to avoid fraudulent incidents.

Bubble hosts securely with built-in SSL certificates and multi-factor authentication to make sure that you and your clients are secured.

What’s Next?

An app for any business is not just an option but a must to get you noticed. Being accessible through a responsive app is the path to customer convenience that all businesses aim to achieve.

Get competitive and build your auto mechanic repair shop app now with Bubble. Need a little boost? MVP.dev is the best team for your app needs.

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