Why Social Media Marketing Is King Today (and how Integromat can help)

Integromat apps have made life easier for both the determined professional and the busy creative. To understand how Integromat apps can help, read on!

A decade ago, it wouldn’t have made sense how much corporations and businesses splurge crazy amounts of money to market on the internet alone. Up until recently, the idea of tri-media marketing was always superior.

And while advertising on billboards, television, and radio still has its merits, over are the days when the majority of business leaders would allocate insane budgets for marketing in mediums outside the digital space.

Unless we’re talking about million-dollar enterprises and crazy huge brands, the idea of investing in traditional marketing may sound like a stretch to thousands of entrepreneurs.

All that said, social media is where everyone’s at nowadays.

As a result, both big-time companies and startups are seeing the value in spending for content on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Furthermore, the boom of content creators has also helped diversify how businesses go about their advertising strategies.

In an age where anyone with a following is considered an “influencer,” the world of opportunities, both for internet personalities and businesses, has only expanded.

Here are reasons why investing in social media marketing will only do your business good: 

Brand awareness

How can we ignore the fact that social media is accessible on practically any device in almost every part of the globe? TV, radio, and billboards all help inform people what brands are about but nothing quite reaches audiences the way social media does.

What’s more, marketers can even target certain audiences wherever they may be on the globe. Should you run a business in the United States, for example, you can still very much market to prospects in, say, Europe or Australia. Not only does social media help you reach wider audiences, you’re more able to easily raise brand awareness too. Whether seasonal promos or staple products and services, educating people about what your brand has to offer is a lot more feasible and affordable with social media.

Improved site traffic

If your business has a web app or website, you’re more able to lead prospects into visiting your digital haven when you optimize social media wisely; this means you can easily direct people to make purchases on your website or download your business application. This is because established brand visibility can be tantamount to sign-ups, converts, or a steady clientele. Investing in the social media route also means you don’t have to leave it all to your SEO efforts to reach your target market. 

Improved ROI

For businesses that don’t have websites, social media platforms have become valid mediums to sell products and services. Because purchase features are now available on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, for example, the customer’s purchase journey is cut short, making sales much faster.

And since marketers can adjust the demographics of who they show their products to, businesses are kept assured that prospects are kept in the loop, raising the chances of making even more sales.

Simply put, fees spent on social media marketing help pay themselves.

Managing social media marketing with Integromat

Having pointed out the leading perks to investing in social media marketing, it’s still worth mentioning how managing multiple accounts on various platforms can be overwhelming. Thankfully, no-code solutions like Bubble and Integromat help streamline the complex process of digital marketing.

For instance, with Integromat apps, one can easily “connect apps and automate workflows.” In other words, you can seamlessly “move data between apps without effort so you can focus on growing your business.”

This means you can program outcomes to happen when certain scenarios are performed on your various social media accounts. For example, you can easily receive emails when particular keywords are commented on your Facebook page. You can also link many of today’s leading social media platforms to Google Sheets should you want to establish a list of leads.

Giants like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Etsy, to name a few, are available on Integromat, too, expanding your opportunities to integrate hundreds of the most widely used apps today. And with a no-code provider like Bubble, you’re able to do, even more, considering how citizen developers can quickly whip up dynamic and functional apps without having to manually write code at all!

To better understand how Integromat can improve your social media marketing game, here’s a quick video tutorial you can watch.

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