Why Now is the Best Time to Be a Freelancer

As young hopefuls on the verge of adulthood, one of the things our elders plant in our minds is the importance of a stable job and a regular paycheck from a good company. Because really, that’s where we start getting a firm footing that can propel us to a successful professional life. And while there is nothing wrong with this path to advancing your career, this also isn’t the only choice anymore.

Before the world as we knew it changed in 2020, freelancing wasn’t such a hot topic. But with more businesses closing due to the challenges posed by the global pandemic rising and the rate of unemployment along with it, the word became more commonplace – and for some, their salvation.

Freelancing has become a more desirable path for the newly unemployed and the ones who want to work in the safety of their homes. Even now that the aftermath is less threatening, people whose eyes were opened to the feasibility of owning your time whilst earning a decent income will be harder to convince to return to their boxed-in work life.

Working for yourself is the new yellow brick road to a successful professional life.

Test the Water Fearlessly

As with any important matter in life, it’s not only wise but self-preserving to test the waters before diving headfirst into the unknown.

Freelance work allows fresh learners and veterans alike to dip into various industries without getting tied down for longer than they are willing. With project-based gigs, freelancers have to option to pace out how long they want to commit to a particular work. Want to try your hand at graphic arts? Apply for a short ad campaign to see if you fit the bill. And if it doesn’t work out, you can easily move on to a different skill or industry without needing to file any paperwork.

Learning new skills to get started has also become more accessible to anyone with an internet connection, determination, and time. With innovative tools like no-code platforms such as Bubble and Integromat, you can be a citizen developer in no time! Taking a few classes, watching tutorials, and exploring the platform should be enough to teach you the basics to create your own website or app for your clients or yourself.

Furthermore, Bubble’s interactive community makes it so much easier for you to communicate and learn from other citizen developers. What’s more, no-code app development agencies like MVP.dev and Bubble Helpers make for great go-to resources when you need no-code assistance!

Room for Improvement

In a similar vein, being given such freedom to guiltlessly try out new careers in shorter periods of time without corporate chains is a great time to discover how to better ourselves professionally.

To gracefully tread these unsteady times, identifying where we can capitalize certain skills can be your license to a profitable career.

Case in point, many businesses, especially small and local ones are in search of many freelancers to help their brands grow in the digital market. The pursuit of a competent and affordable web developer or graphic designer is on a continuous rise.

Now is the best time to exploit technological advancements to further your career in this area as a kaleidoscope of platforms and apps are available, both cheap and some – even free of charge to fit in these current demands.

No-code platforms, like Bubble, optimize user-friendly interfaces and drag-and-drop methods in building websites or apps. To keep your work seamlessly streamlined, integration platforms such as Integromat are your best friend. It allows you to automate your workload and to juggle multiple clients smoothly and efficiently. 

Be Your Own Boss

What many are now realizing about freelance work is the power it bestows to workers. No longer do we have to beg for a holiday or painstakingly write a memo for our 3-days of being sick – and best of all, we can take a break whenever and however long we might need it.

Owning your time and being able to fit in time for your family, your friends, and most of all yourself is one of the best benefits of working freelance. Now is a good time as any to take control of your work-life balance and be in a mentally and physically healthy well-being.

Let’s throw away the perception that tired, busy, and on-the-go is the only acceptable representation of a hard worker. It’s time to embrace the “work smart, not hard” mentality with helpful tools and the market rearing towards a more flexible way to earn a living.

What’s Next

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