What To Remember When Building Apps For Customers

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: there’s never been a better time to build an app for your business until today.

As businesses and more of the globe open up again, much of the pandemic’s global impact has caused modern societies to retain a ton of practices we’ve embraced in the last year; and a huge portion of this is our reliance on the digital space.

Largely because of the rise of no-code tools, the way we approach software and bridge gaps has differed vastly, as well. Whereas only professional coders and software developers could create applications barely a decade ago, no-code providers have allowed citizen developers to actualize their visions and create apps on and of their own sans the need to master technical coding languages.

As the name implies, no-code requires zero coding, making it a brilliant solution for almost everyone inclined to build programs and apps.

All these mentioned, let’s consider the factors needed in building software we’re sure our customers will love

1. Solve a real problem

Your app isn’t going to make it far if it doesn’t fix anything. As such, the core of your digital offering is for it to be able to fix something. Sure, allowing yourself to be creative with quirky gimmicks is an effective marketing strategy, but for it to last, you’re going to have to make sure your app is bridging a gap.

Furthermore, fixing your eyes on solving a real problem also allows you to better focus on what your app is about, making it easier for you to determine which bells and whistles are necessary, should there be any.

2. Put a premium on design

It isn’t groundbreaking news to say that we’re all generally attracted to pretty things. And while that can be subjective, what’s the same for everyone is this: we’re more likely to relate to something—or even give something the remote chance—if we find it appealing.

As such, factoring in your demographic and the kind of aesthetic they might appreciate comes a long way. Similar to how you probably would never invite a special guest when your home is still a mess, ensuring that your app’s features and designs hold a clear consistency help tie your brand together too.

Thankfully, no-code platforms like Bubble make it easy for you to keep your visuals clean, coherent, and functional. From the location of your logo to the colors you want to put up, no-code tools like Bubble grant you the power of choice and control.

3. Test and iterate

Arguably the best thing about building apps with no-code tools is the capacity to iterate so seamlessly. Whereas traditionally coded apps require hours and days of updating features and visuals, no-code tools allow the immediate execution of necessary change.

As a result, testing how functional your app is and evaluating how well it’s performing with your target audience is a breezy activity. Resorting to the MVP route also makes for one of the best decisions when it comes to launching an app.

There are numerous ways to solicit feedback from respondents and a thorough way to do this is by turning to survey-dedicated no-code tools like JotForm or SurveyMonkey. Of course, platforms like Integromat are also stellar solutions in streamlining several other apps into one.

That said, no-code providers, in general, have democratized the creation of apps, and the feasibility of pursuing profitable and problem-solving programs has definitely been easier.

What’s Next?

As 2022 draws nearer, the entire globe is becoming ever-more reliant on the web. As a result, web-first solutions continue to be the safest route for businesses and brands to take. And with no-code platforms taking the internet by storm, it’s only a matter of time before web apps become an absolute requirement for businesses to survive.

What’s more, meeting your market where they do not only help future-proof your ventures but also expands brand equity initiatives.

And although pushing for dynamic apps on your own through no-code is now very much a viable position to take, there is also no absence of reliable no-code software development agencies you can turn to.

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