Top 10 Bubble Ideas for 2021

The no-code space is teeming with potential business ideas, and with at the forefront of infinite possibilities, there are countless web applications both entrepreneurs and creatives can look forward to building on the platform.

Here are the top 10 Bubble ideas for 2021

1. Website Builder

There’s a reason Wix and SquareSpace are on top of their games at a time like this. With digital marketing on the rise, leaders see the value in well-curated brand websites. As a result, more people are turning to website-builders to help establish their business’ online haven.

While there isn’t a shortage in this department, it’s only fair to say that competition is still very much warranted to help widen price point selections.

2. CRM for small businesses and startups

Founders of small businesses and startups are some of the most resourceful and creative people. They don’t just make do of what they have; they make sure every task and detail is accounted for without increasing overhead expenses.

That said, developing a serviceable CRM for entrepreneurs would be a helpful tool to build. There are several directions a commodity like this can take; what’s important is that developers capture a niche market and that the product they produce is proven to work and fly with an audience.

3. Company Orientation Software

HR professionals understand how much resources are put into introducing new talent into the company. And with remote work easing into the new normal, it can be challenging to onboard successful hires and keep confidential data that way.

A company orientation software helps streamline onboarding efforts while making sure no private documents are left unattended. What’s more, this web application type eliminates the need for new hires to simultaneously attend a conference call, keeping virtual meetings to a minimum.

4. Social media

If there’s anything we can learn from Linkedin’s Reid Hoffman and Tinder’s Sean Rad, it’s that social media platforms with niche markets work. Granted that you execute brilliant advertising and branding initiatives to a tee, dreaming of victoriously building your own social media empire shouldn’t seem like an impossible objective.

Tap your interests and let your passions shine through. Sooner or later, you’ll find that fortifying an existing community is a noble way to establish a business.

5. Event Planners

If we’re being hopeful, it won’t be too long before experts give us the signal to start safely organizing mass gatherings again. Even then, the need to meet up with others—online or not—is a vital aspect of societal structures.

Develop a web app that makes organizing events simpler. From contacting suppliers to employing gig workers, coming up with a one-stop-shop for event-organizing is a profitable idea.

6. Meme Generator

We live in a world where people communicate beyond words and actions. Modern times have allowed us to convey our thoughts through video snippets, animated social media posts, and graphic photographs.

Developing a meme generator is a terrific way to capture the younger markets that thrive with creativity. You can do many things with a web app such as this; as long as you can generate profit by running ads on your platform, this idea bears potential.

7. Professional Consultancy

Now that many conversations have migrated online, one of the best web apps to build given present circumstances connects people to the professionals they need to speak to. From doctors to fitness coaches and nutritionists to mental health experts, a one-stop online shop of specialists would be a profitable business.

Although there are existing web apps that feature similar premises, there aren’t too many mainstream selections that house a roster of varied practitioners.

8. Browser Tracker

There are numerous benefits to utilizing a browser tracker, one of which is being able to monitor one’s internet usage and productivity while online. Anyone who relies on the internet can take advantage of an app such as this; however, employers who work with remote staff members may be more drawn to using this kind of technology.

Whether to keep track of time or limit unnecessary internet noise, browser trackers extend tremendous help in keeping focused and efficient.

9. Two-sided Marketplace

Two-sided marketplaces are even more relevant today, so it makes perfect sense to want to develop an app that bridges two parties together. Whether an e-commerce brand like eBay or a ride-hailing service like Uber, letting suppliers and consumers converge through a platform is a favorable concept.

Look for niche audiences and thoroughly research how urgent a demand is from the market. You could be only one idea away from becoming the next household marketplace.

10. Dating Portal

Perhaps one of the most exciting experiences the advent of the digital age has presented to humankind is online dating. That said, you can only expect more dating platforms to emerge in the coming months. Bumble, for instance, has been successful in connecting people who are looking to share moments with those they share a culture and heritage with.

Capitalizing on that achievement, future developers can focus on creating a dating platform that lets people meet those they share the same interests and passions.


There is a long list of digital products you can develop on Bubble. From social media to e-commerce establishments, the choice is yours. Don’t let the opportunity to become greater than you already are escape you. Realize your vision with the world’s most powerful platform that allows you to build and run web applications without having to code.Give us a call, and we’ll help you make it happen!

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