What People Get Wrong About Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation services are in demand for several reasons, the primary one being the urgency of temporary professional help.

Whether your lead developer is taking a month-long emergency leave or you have a spectacular idea about running a huge project, partnering with technical staff augmentation providers benefits your company more than unfairly redistributing more workload to your existing team.

Still, it isn’t uncommon for many business leaders to turn a blind eye to this employment model. At this risk of decreasing their team’s project success and efficiency, dozens of entrepreneurs are almost often more comfortable with keeping their team as is.

Granted how today’s business climate has changed tremendously, it’s important that we talk about the best entrepreneurial practices available right now to fully maximize what can become of our brands and organizations.

Here are the biggest misconceptions about staff augmentation

Staff augmentation services only offer technical support

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Either way, the misunderstanding is digestible. After all, both tech services and staff augmentation services provide people with professionals who are articulate in particular fields.

Staff augmentation simply means adding more talent to a business for certain seasons or projects. In other words, it is more than just IT help; although tech and IT services are dominant sectors in the staff augmentation space.

Staff augmentation services aren’t always cost-efficient

In many scenarios, working with outsourced talent will immediately be more cost-effective than building an in-house IT team from the ground up, for example. Not only are employee benefits and insurance a huge sum on their own, investing in continuously training your people can cost a lot too.

Aside from cost savings, staff augmentation also largely contributes to risk and resource management.

Because outsourcing your IT experts to a reputable provider helps guarantee you get only top-notch talents, you free yourself from having to screen applicants and run background checks too. This nullifies the repercussions of hiring the wrong people for the job, making the recruitment cycle quick and easy.

Staff augmentation services aren’t beneficial in the long run

For the most part, staff augmentation talents are rigorously trained and are ready to work on whatever projects their skill sets support. Because of this, some people often think that a team’s expertise can be limited.

Although it is true that providers and the companies they serve will make it clear in writing what the project objectives are, great staff augmentation partners extend an option for support services that allow companies to take advantage of when a project with the team ends.

This way, providers can determine how well their team’s performance was based on KPMs and then suggest ways to improve their services.

Furthermore, in-house talents may also learn a lot from staff augmentation professionals and pick up a few takeaways from their expertise. Both parties are very much able to share their best practices, making this collaboration a learning experience for everyone involved.

Even then, the biggest long-term benefit of staff augmentation is its capacity to let businesses scale smoothly. The earlier and more efficiently a business can launch a product or service, the better for business leaders.

What’s more, the better the quality of the results of a project, the more impactful and long-lasting the experience is. If anything, staff augmentation teams are designed to make everything easier for businesses.

Staff augmentation teams are difficult to manage

Unless employers can accurately hold teams accountable against established KPIs, this is simply false. The nature of staff augmentation professionals demands so much flexibility that they’re used to working with and for different clients and brands all the time.

Staff augmentation experts are trained to adapt to new environments and shape themselves according to a business’ company culture in no time.

Nonetheless, communicating to people involved in any project—staff augmentation or not—is simply anchored on being respectfully straightforward. As long as the feedback is sound, calculated, and tactful, all forms of professional commentary are welcome.

Staff augmentation is the future of small businesses and corporations alike

For a lot of businesses, partnering with staff augmentation providers is a critical key to boosting operational efficiency for their brand. Working with highly skilled people sans the conventional resources it takes to build a team will benefit any entrepreneur in an instant. 

In this day and age, it’s imperative that business leaders don’t only work hard, but work smart too—and the truth is, the smart thing for thousands of companies right now is to partner with staff augmentation providers.

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MVP.dev closed its doors on June 28, 2024 and is no longer taking clients.
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