Top Three Predictions for No-Code Automation in 2022

Lots of uncertainty has plagued us for most of the last 24 months, and not knowing what the next safe steps are is putting a lot of pressure on the workforce. Here and there, you may catch wind of a few new trends, and while there are developments that do sound promising, you might still feel a bit iffy about them.

One of the things gaining popularity now is no-code automation.

According to the Forbes Technology Council, automation will be the critical focus in the next few years. Accelirate CEO and Chief Automation Officer Ahmed Zaidi says, “technologies such as robotic process automation, natural language processing and intelligent document processing will continue to reduce dependence on human labor for subjective tasks.”

Furthermore, the emergence of no-code platforms will make it easier for non-tech people to adapt. Based on the research conducted by Forrester, the market for both low-code and no-code automation will hit the $21.2 billion mark by 2022.

So what exactly can we anticipate for no-code automation in the next year?

More and more people are opting to work remotely and now have access to the resources to do so, and incorporating automation into their daily tasks is definitely going to be a big hit- this takes away the tediousness of their mundane to-do lists, which gives them more time and energy to focus on bigger projects or more complex jobs.

The advancements in no-code automation has proven to be quite the game changer especially to those who feel hesitant when it comes to using something that sounds complicated and technical. Since no-code eliminates the need to learn and write lines of codes, it’s a more inclusive way to help people develop applications and automate workflows.

This presents massive possibilities for no-code, and here are three predictions you can expect to see:

·       No-code is a tech trend that will dominate 2022

·       No-code will improve customer experience

·       No-code could potentially reshape the entire working environment

No-Code: A Tech Trend That Will Dominate 2022

No-code automation is incredibly flexible and can be used across virtually any trade- from basic customer service to the medical field, to accounting, to law… you name it. The countless possibilities with no-code allow for it to accommodate pretty much all the changing demands that different industries have.

Take for instance a task as simple and straightforward as scheduling: this is something people have been doing, albeit unknowingly, since school started. Calendars are filled with all kinds of activities and events, and as time passes, more and more tasks are added to the list.

Previously, all this was done manually—meaning pen to paper—and was a bit of a hassle to duplicate. It was also a huge nightmare for anyone who misplaced their journals or planners. But with new tech, organizing calendars became easier to do; and with no-code automation, planning the next few months can be done almost effortlessly.

Creating a simple application that helps with scheduling can help tons of people: students, fresh graduates entering the workforce, small business owners, pretty much anyone who has access to modern technology. Imagine the demand you could get from such a wide audience.

Improving Customer Experience with No-Code

When you live in a world where everything has to be done right here and right now, time becomes an expensive and, sometimes distant, luxury. This is true not just true for workers, but for customers and clients of any business.

With the hustle and bustle and their never-ending list of things to do, consumers can’t really afford to waste a second of their time waiting in the queue while someone manually looks up the answer to their query.

Bringing no-code automation to be used by front-line customer service employees can greatly improve the turn-around time they provide their customers, and making the day just a little less hectic for both parties.

No-code applications you build can also be accessed by your customers directly, allowing them to interact with your business even while they’re on the go. The less effort your clients have to put in, the better, because hassle-free customer experience is great customer experience.

How No-Code Could Potentially Reshape the Entire Working Environment

A vast majority of the working class has been able to experience working remotely in the past two years, and with more employees wanting to work in the safety of their homes, the work environment is starting to see massive changes. On top of not having to rent out entire office buildings anymore, businesses are able to save on hiring costs- studies have shown that recruiting new hires costs more than retraining and upskilling the current talent pool. And with no-code applications available to make training more easily accessible and interactive, employees are more likely to stay engaged even from afar.

What’s Next?

Without a doubt, no-code automation has made work easier for the larger majority: it’s user-friendly, saves time, effort and money, and gives you a few less tasks to worry about. Start your no-code journey with us and experience the difference.

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