The Top 5 Startup Ideas for 2022

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As the globe starts to recover from the dreadful events of the pandemic, more visionaries are turning to entrepreneurship to realize their ideas. And considering how much technology has helped us carry along during the peak of the virus scare, you can bet that web-first solutions are only bound to make actualizing business ventures a tad more viable in the coming years.

That said, let’s round out leading startup ideas leaders can explore moving forward!

The top 5 startup ideas for 2022

An agency of professional services

Food and retail are big winners in the business scene but so are professional services. As a matter of fact, experts say that the acceleration and advancement of digitization have only increased the demand for professional services. From marketing and branding to strategy and management consultations, leaders are now putting a heavier premium on services that help them better position themselves in their respective industries.

Furthermore, this also means that the demand for creative professionals is on the rise too. This means that social media managers, freelance content and copywriters, independent graphic designers, and other skillful talents in the gig economy are a lot more sought-after today, as well.

As such, marketing and creative agencies are booming today. This is because brands and businesses have never been more open to collaborating with third-party service providers to help them cement their ventures more accordingly.

In other words, those looking into starting a business in 2022 can very much explore the idea of commodifying their skills, either with a team or by themselves. 


A list of the best startup ideas for 2022 wouldn’t be complete without dropshipping. Here, businesses don’t have to store the products they sell, per se. A third-party supplier will be tasked to ship the items once orders are placed, and entrepreneurs only need to take care of branding efforts and marketing the products to the public.

From makeup to kitchenware and car parts to throw pillows, the list of items one can sell online is endless. Simply partner with suppliers and work on management and networking from your end.

Software development

If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it’s that the applications businesses use can make or break an organization. Whether customer-facing or for internal usage, apps have been a tremendous help in keeping startups and corporations alive.

What’s more, the advent of no-code tools like Bubble and Integromat has only made it much, much easier to build software from scratch. Whereas traditionally coded apps require coding knowledge, no-code empowers anyone to create apps on their own sans the costly guidance of an expensive software development agency.

Even then, partnering with reliable no-code development businesses is still exponentially more affordable.

All things considered, no-code is considerably one of mainstream technology’s biggest breakthroughs as it’s allowed thousands of non-technical professionals to make a living out of building apps.

Whether for your own business or for others’ creating apps through visual programming is a lucrative startup idea that’s bound to yield desirable results.

Telehealth services

There’s never been a more opportune time to explore tech startup ideas until today. Because of 2020’s events, Telehealth services, a tech sector that was already robust, to begin with, only became bigger and more commercial. As a result, more business leaders are exploring new Telehealth ideas.

From subscription services to connecting location-based doctors to a patient, digitized healthcare is here to stay. Further studies also claim that much of a patient’s primary medical attention needs can be solvable by online consultations.

Simply put, Telehealth services bridge multiple gaps, and the demand in this space is increasing by the day.

Subscription-based meal plans

Are you a self-confessed foodie? Consider creating a subscription-based menu. Whereas restaurants require having to rent space, hire a steady pool of servers, and a ton of kitchen appliances and furniture, subscription-based meals demand only a reliable kitchen and a knack for cooking. Of course, employing needed help is an option, depending on the volume of orders.

How it works is simple: you can put out various menus that appeal to different markets. For instance, you can create a meal plan that focuses on calorie deficit diets. This allows your subscribers to eat good food without having to cut back on unhealthy ingredients themselves. Of course, you can also always pick which cuisine you’re more comfortable whipping up.

What’s Next?

In all of these startup ideas, only one thing is certain—no-code tools will simplify businesses whatever they may be. From streamlining customer inquiries and emails to notifying key staff members and keeping track of organizational progress, no-code tools make for terrific solutions when moving forward with business ideas and team management practices.

At a time so reliant on the internet, expect cloud-first solutions to help you out first.

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