The Top 3 Web App Trends in 2022

Website or web app development isn’t a new concept nor is it a recent technological expansion.

However, after being around for years, it has risen to the forefront of the must-know list in many industries, from food to fashion and everything in between.

Not only is its range as vast as one’s imagination, but its scope also encompasses big and small brands alike. Developing your own web app offers the same functionality may it be for startup adventurists or heavyweight corporations or conglomerates.

But why is there such a great incline in web app development utility?

Web apps provide the visibility and accessibility that is essential in giving modern consumers the convenience that has long been the golden standard for every type of merchant — product-centered or service-based. Websites and apps are the future of personalized marketing and convenient sales opportunities.

That being said, here are the top trends in web apps in 2022.

Choosing the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Route

To new ears, Progressive Web Apps may be a new concept. Simply put, PWAs are web app designs that don’t need to get downloaded on devices from app stores.

The page is designed to open on any browser and will have the advantage of app-like features and layouts making it easier for users to navigate around. This factor is essential in making sure that more users will be inclined to visit your page/s as they offer better accessibility and ease-of-use compared to the usual website builds that can be tricky to use if opened on a smaller device.

Using Progressive Web Apps increases the chances to convert these visitors to paying customers solely because you’ve made it convenient to scroll through your product gallery or service menu. Because it’s designed to be mobile-friendly, users don’t need to zoom into pages to read its content or to have to twiddle around to check their items out from their carts.

Aside from a better user experience, PWAs are also considerably cheaper to maintain than conventional web builds. Which is an added bonus for budget-conscious business runners.

Employing Drag-and-Drop Web Builders

Yet again, technology steps up to make life easier for every average Joe and Jane. There now exist drag-and-drop websites and web app builders that allow for non-coding experts—even non-tech savvy individuals—to create their own pages by literally just dragging features from a panel and dropping them into a blank canvas.

Most business owners are probably aware that running your own website is critical in increasing sales. Especially with the current and possibly permanent preference of people shopping through the web.

However, creating your own website can look daunting to the uninitiated. But worry not because these web builders are made specifically for inexperienced builders and zero coding knowledge types. No skill requirement is needed and no coding needs to be learned.

With app builders that utilize no-code tools like Bubble, aesthetic and functional web apps are within reach for small to medium entrepreneurs who would like to expand their market to the online community. As icing to the cake, most drag-and-drop web builders are responsive, which means they are mobile-friendly. Hitting two birds: web app and mobile app in one very efficient stone.

Make it Mobile

Responsive or Mobile-friendly designs used to be optional, but with people using their phones and tablets more often, it has now become a staple for brands to always offer pages that are on-the-go.

Having web apps that can be used anytime, anywhere, and in any device caters to the vast majority of users that are hustling about their busy schedules and fast-paced day to day activities.

The goal is to offer your brand on a silver platter making it criminally easy for consumers to consume your products and services.

Make it so that a 15-minute coffee break can be more than enough time to scan items and check them out. With the help of well-planned page architecture and layout, a strong Call to Action, and detailed product info, an increase in your sales is an inevitable outcome.

What’s Next

The global market is getting smaller by the day with innovation that makes it easier and more convenient for merchants to reach consumers a distance away — and web apps are one of the most useful ones in the business industry.

With more and more companies digging into and focusing on their web presence, knowing the top trends for web apps in the incoming year can be a useful tidbit to get a headstart for your brand.

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