The leading web app trends to look out for in 2021

Like everything else in tech, web applications have seen a rise in trends, too. With more people dependent on the Internet to carry on with daily life, industries are shifting many of their cyberspace efforts to remain fresh and in unison with their audience.

Let’s go over the leading web app trends to look out for in 2021.

Motion UI

It’s no secret that humans are visual beings, so it’s understandable why we’re naturally drawn to moving objects. That said, motion UI is a terrific way to interact with your site’s visitors and emphasize portions of your web app. Not only do they help tie aesthetics together, motion UI provides users a more cohesive experience on your app, too.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots 

Now that startups and corporations are working thrice as hard on their online presence, customers are demanding quality customer service initiatives from the brands they support. As a result, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots help improve digital transactions. From monitoring orders to keeping track of client feedback, these innovative solutions are critical in curating a desirable customer experience in the new normal.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

If you’re big on Instagram and Snapchat filters, you’ll know precisely why AR and VR technology are tremendous strategies to fortify brand marketing. Allowing your users to virtually picture how a product or service looks like isn’t only graphically impressive but also stimulates other senses. The more engaged your market is with your business, the easier it will be to turn leads into patrons.


Perceived to be the future of decentralized data storage, Blockchain provides heightened security in that it eliminates intermediaries between transactions. This trend is fast becoming a necessity among multinational institutions that the global blockchain market size is expected to reach $39.7 billion by 2025.

Video Content

Whether you put a dedicated segment or serving only as a background to particular text on your web app, video content is a stellar way to capture your audience’s attention immediately. What’s more, motion graphics are an excellent way to communicate with your customers without boring them. Studies also cite that supplementing your web app with videos helps increase sales by up to 80%!


As the pandemic has drastically changed the way we shop, entrepreneurs are buckling up and improving their e-commerce initiatives. From simplifying a customer’s purchase journey to partnering with multiple vendors to forge online collaborations, leaders are starting to understand the cruciality of a smoother e-commerce experience.

Push Notifications

One clever way to better digital re-engagement efforts is to optimize push notifications. Similar to when our smartphones notify us with social media interactions and delivery updates, web applications inform customers if a business restocks items or has public announcements. Although this strategy works for any enterprise, product-driven establishments will find this practice handier and more useful.

Single-Page Web Apps

While not applicable to e-commerce businesses, single-page websites are smart to keep customers from having to click on multiple tabs to arrive at certain information. As the name implies, this trend calls for one lengthy, scrollable page that contains essential details about a service or a product. Designed for brands that commodify only one or two items, leaders looking to execute a comprehensive digital campaign should give this a try.

Progressive Web Apps

Dynamic, quick, and reliable are three adjectives that best capture what Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) embody. Like native mobile apps, PWAs make for fantastic website solutions because they can still function offline, too; this automatically makes browsing your site a clean and pleasant experience. 

Social Selling

One of the best sales contributors in all of digital marketing is social selling. Because people are more active on social media today more than ever, investing in social media ads and extending direct social media shopping options are a tested way to generate revenue.

No-Code is the answer

All of the web app trends above are there for a reason, and only time can cement how truly elemental each is in building stronger business behaviors online.

True enough, not every leading web app practice on the list will apply to your business. Still, it’s worth noting how every single pointer on the list can be achieved with no-code tools like Gone are the days when business leaders had to employ numerous developers to churn out custom-built apps. These days, anyone who makes an effort to learn how a visual programming platform works can quickly develop an app of their own.

Furthermore, publishing an app through a no-code provider allows users to focus on developing an app’s core features. Instead of worrying about your product’s security measures and other technical aspects, platforms like Bubble let you zoom in on what you need to work on the most as a brand.

And because no-code tools don’t require written code at all, you can simply drag and drop components into place to build your dream software. 

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