The Best Tech Startup Ideas in 2021

The pandemic hasn’t been easy for most of the world. With businesses filing for bankruptcy and companies downsizing their workforce, life has been extra hard for both the modern professional and the traditional worker alike.

Still, it’s worth mentioning that our rapid shift to the digital space has birthed new opportunities for entrepreneurs and job searchers.

Even with vaccines well underway, it’s safe to say that societies are picking up new skills and adapting to the updated normal.

Whether you’re a creative looking to expand your skillset or a business leader looking to explore new enterprise ventures, it’s critical that you stay well aware of the demands of today. 

Here are the best tech startup ideas in 2021

Tech startup idea # 1: Remote Work Services

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Times are changing fast, and our approach to consumerism and daily life is changing. On that note, you can bet that even when all the globe will have moved forward with the pandemic, work-from-home arrangements will remain.

Whether permanently or not will vary per organization, but already the surveys are telling. Although the remote work set-up has raised numerous concerns, its positive counterparts are telling employers that the ability to continue operations without having to converge at an office holds immense value.

As such, project management tools and office automation services are thriving today. Those who rely solely on emails and excel sheets to carry on with production are on the losing end, and that’s a fact.

If you’re looking to build platforms for teams and brands to meet virtually, you may want to explore the workforce management space. Dozens of no-code providers now make it possible to easily build these types of offerings.

What’s more, with the right tech team to back you up, developing a brand in this corner on the internet is easier than you think.

Tech startup idea # 2: Artificial Intelligence Services

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Any business leader determined to grow their enterprise understands the cruciality of employing the right people. But what happens when a person’s workload can be replaced with virtual solutions?

It’s been said that nothing can ever substitute the human impact in the workplace, but it’s safe to say that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is here to dominate how we work.

Over the last decade, we’ve embraced all sorts of AI services, and 2021 isn’t going to be different.

From turning on our lights to opening garage doors to booking the most affordable flights and scheduling meetings, AI has done many impressive things to streamline how we function both at home and in organizations.

That said, any industry will greatly benefit from AI solutions, and entrepreneurs who explore this space are only bound to make a profit if they play their cards right.

If you have AI app concepts you’d like to explore, it’s only a matter of working with the right agency until you actualize your ideas and turn them into sales.

Tech startup idea # 3: HealthTech Services

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Healthcare has changed forever, and we all know it.

The last year has introduced many of us to virtual checkups and online consultations, and that set-up isn’t going anywhere.

If you’re passionate about medicine or carry a good background in medical matters, exploring to build a health app is something you should definitely consider.

Whether it’s creating a marketplace platform where patients can connect to the healthcare specialist they need or providing a reliable list of pharmacies and health centers nearby, healthcare apps aren’t only profitable but warranted too.

From contact tracing to scheduling vaccination, there’s a lot an entrepreneur can work with within this sector.

Tech startup idea # 4: Streaming Service

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Are you a big arts and media buff? If so, streaming services might be the way to go for you. While we can count on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify to lead the pack for a good while, it doesn’t hurt to develop platforms that extend niche visual and sonic offerings.

Independent music and films are abundant now, and almost every movie outfit and sound label are bent on putting out the content they produce.

If you don’t struggle with building connections with key people in this segment, a streaming app for your brand may be a promising idea.

Tech startup idea # 5: eCommerce services

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It’s impossible to list down bankable tech startup ideas without mentioning the power of e-commerce.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to be American to have heard of how much richer Jeff Bezos has become in the course of the lockdown.

How we shop has changed forever. One can argue that it’s impossible to completely get rid of brick and mortar facilities, but unless what you sell is available online, you’re only setting your business up for failure.

Even when the coronavirus will be a thing of the past—whenever that’ll be—e-commerce will stick around. Therefore, business people who are investing in concrete marketplace platforms are only future-proofing their entities.

At this point, it doesn’t even matter what business sector you belong in anymore; if your offering is accessible on the internet, you’re only widening your audience and building a more solid market.

It’s time for an app

Overall, investing in software development has never been more profitable and timely. The pandemic is proof enough that it’s time entrepreneurs approach their digital efforts with more grit and zest.

There’s no turning back.

No-code has democratized how developers create programs, and until you understand how necessary apps are to keep your business alive, scaling will be difficult, if not impossible.

Fortunately, you’re never alone.

When you partner with the right experts, you make big things feasible and meaningful change last.

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