The Best No-Code Tools In 2021

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve acquainted ourselves with no-code tools. And at the rate of how things are going, we’re never slowing down anymore. The globe’s thrust into embracing the digital space with almost zero reservations is birthing more citizen developers—and for good reason.

As the shift to online solutions strengthens, the demand for more no-code platforms will only grow.

Here are the 3 no-code tools in 2021:


It’s hard to imagine a modern business thrive without a website. These days, an organization’s searchability and availability online are indicative of how robust their digital grasp is. If you plan on establishing a startup but you don’t know how to build your business’ little corner on the internet, this is where Squarespace comes in.

Squarespace is a brilliant solution for all things related to dynamic and engaging websites. And because the no-code platform packs award-winning templates, any determined and persistent user can create gorgeous websites, whatever they may be for.

In other words, Squarespace’s drag-and-drop simplicity continues to democratize the art and politics of website hosting today.

Whether you’re a service provider or a product-driven business, you’re sure to find success in Squarespace.


Arguably one of the most popular no-code solutions today is Canva. While there is no debate on the extent and power of Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator, Canva makes it easy for non-technical creatives to articulate their ideas through design.

A no-code tool made for graphical matters, Canva’s loyal and growing fanbase is a diverse mix; from students to business owners and managers to advocacy leaders, anyone and everyone looking to edit stunning images for social media, documents, and beyond will easily fall in love with how the platform works.

Like Squarespace, a Canva subscription fee gives users access to all of its most powerful features, but a free version is just as helpful despite its limits. 


Bubble has been at the forefront of no-code solutions for quite a while now. An impressive visual programming platform, Bubble empowers leaders to build and launch production-ready web apps. And since absolutely no lines of code are demanded from the provider’s users, citizen developers are free to be as crazy, as inventive, and as imaginative as possible.

This means those wanting to create an MVP or build an app will not need to have CSS or HTML backgrounds in order to realize their visions.

What makes Bubble a winner in its league is its capacity to extend a plethora of solutions. Whereas Squarespace is made specifically to help users build websites and Cava exists solely to help creatives make images, Bubble extends the conversation by helping you whip up whatever you need to!

From job boards and project management programs to streaming sites or social media platforms, there is virtually no cap to the kind of solutions and products one can build here.

It doesn’t matter what your idea is—if it solves problems and improves how you deal with a market segment, you can already bet that Bubble will deliver.

What’s Next?

All that mentioned, there is no escaping no-code tools. Not only do these solutions make work and collaborations faster, more efficient, and better streamlined, it also allows more thinkers to dream and create their next big ideas.

As creatives, our primary purpose is to keep expanding the conversation. What else can we offer? What products and services can we put out that are sure to add meaning to the lives of our customers? What practices can we ditch and what routines can we adapt in the name of hastening traditional and tedious tasks?

The number of questions to be asked should definitely outnumber the ventures we already have at hand. Fortunately, no-code platforms are here to help us every step of the way, regardless of what we want to create.

No-code tools like Squarespace, Canva, and Bubble are terrific examples of providers we can turn to for quick, reliable, and lucrative solutions.

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