The Advantage of a Web App

In an effort to future-proof businesses and skill sets, both individual professionals and companies are learning to embrace—with a zeal and passion—the art and science of building apps. Thankfully, the advent of no-code technology has made this endeavor much, much easier for everyone.

Whereas traditional software development demanded months or years of learning how to write code, no-code, as the name implies, skips the technical complexity of putting out a dynamic and functional application.

All that said, the list for why the modern entrepreneur and professional need to embrace digital solutions—whether by building their own or optimizing existing ones—only continues to grow.

Wherever you are in the capitalist food chain, believe us when we say that there’s absolutely no disadvantage whatsoever in expanding your expertise and learning how to build no-code products.

Bubble, one of the leading no-code providers, is a fantastic place to start. It’s easy to learn, has a growing and supportive community of citizen developers, and provides ample tutorial videos and blog posts about how to utilize its platform.

For starters, web apps are stellar digital solutions for a variety of things for both business and creative ventures. They don’t take all that much time to build, don’t require complicated maintenance practices, and don’t require app store approval to launch.

But how are web apps different from websites, you ask?

Allow us to borrow a few words from a blog post that Bubble released not too long ago. “The basic distinction is that a website is a collection of pages that display usually static content, while a web application is a piece of software with dynamic content and more complex user interactions; in a web app, you can leverage APIs or trigger actions from other software services. Both websites and web apps are accessible through your web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.)”

To further discuss a web app’s perks, let’s go over each leading benefit:


Arguably the number one benefit of web apps is that you no longer need to download them on your smartphone or tablet. Because SaaS applications generally work on any browser, developers and business leaders are spared from having to worry about having to technically conform to Android or iOS.

Even better, web apps allow a uniform experience for all of their users, seamlessly ensuring quality and consistency.


Content stored in web apps can easily be adjusted and altered. This means, to update your web app, your app’s users will not have to experience downtime. Again, not only does this feature significantly improve user experience, it allows you to edit what you need to in real-time, as well. Contrastly, customizing native and desktop applications take much longer because of manually written codes.

So whether your custom web app is designed to support your busy employees or service your business’ faithful patrons, a user’s browsing experience isn’t going to be hampered.


Another breakthrough feature web apps extend is their capacity to integrate with other digital solutions. Platforms like Integromat, for example, make that possibility much easier to create. For instance, if you want to build an e-commerce web app, Integromat easily lets your customers pay through PayPal or Stripe, instantly making the shopping process breezier for your market.

Should you want to build a project management web app, you can also customize email delegations according to keywords or their senders. In other words, what you would usually have to do manually, you can now automate through Integromat.

For a more detailed walkthrough of this technology, you can watch this video.

What’s Next?

There are numerous trends we can expect web development to work towards; voice Search, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and heightened security are only some of them. 

Still, it’s more than safe to say that the web development space, through the advancements of no-code technology, will only expand. As such, the call to embrace the digital revolution only gets increasingly louder for entrepreneurs, creatives, and visionaries every day.

Your business needs a web app—and we know that you know that too.

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