No Code Development for Small Businesses

Today, it’s not enough to bank on how amazing your products are for your business to fly. Every entrepreneur understands that to remain relevant, in-demand, and ahead of the game, one has to optimize the digital space to their advantage. With enterprises turning to newer technologies to get the better end of the deal, more business leaders and founders are exploring uncommon territories to march on. 

For instance, if you told an up and coming business person half a decade ago that they would need a mobile app to augment branding initiatives and business efforts, they’d probably ward you off as if you were handing an uninteresting flyer. Now, things are different. As more data suggests that consumers gravitate towards their mobile devices more than half the hours they’re awake, it would be an almost criminal idea to dismiss that reality altogether.

As a result, the number of businesses retreating to app development is increasing. While we can attribute the growing fondness of humans to their devices as the primary reason why entrepreneurs are bravely entering the software world, the majority of the credit belongs to the no-code movement. 

What is no-code?

As the name implies, a no-code development platform is an online space where non-IT experts can create web and mobile software applications without having to write a single line of code. In other words, virtually anyone who studies the tools of a no-code provider like can immediately build the app they wish. In all of its functional, aesthetic, and money-generating glory, citizen developers—a term that refers to the non-coder who makes apps—are spared from the commercial red tape traditional application development usually calls for.

Where startups and small businesses usually are unable to enjoy an in-house team of software engineers, no-code platforms thrive. If you’re a founder of a small business and you’re thinking of a smart way to up your A-game, you may want to consider building a business app through No-Code.

Here’s a rundown of how no-code apps are perfect for your small business

No-code is affordable

To create a custom software application, an enterprise will usually have to shell out a six-digit figure, employ front-end and back-end developers, and wait for half a year to more than that for the entire application project to be complete.

Platforms like drastically disrupt that narrative. Apart from expediting the whole app development process, the fundamental reason more entrepreneurs are building apps through No-Code is because of reduced costs. What can cost you nearly half a million dollars to develop your business app traditionally will only cost you less than a fraction of that with leading platforms.

Instead of building your app from scratch, citizen developers can utilize pre-built modules through drag-and-drop tools, making it incredibly simple to actualize how you envision your app to be.

No-code encourages productivity

It doesn’t matter how many people you employ. If they’re stuck doing menial tasks that already have digital solutions, then you can bet your workforce isn’t as productive as you think they can be. Because no-code providers allow the regular Joe and Jane to build software as they deem fit, not only do you help expand the skillsets of your personnel, you also encourage them to create solutions for roadblocks they regularly encounter.

Whether it’s automating a process or expediting paperwork, employees who are allowed to turn to technology to bridge a gap become more productive and involved in the long run. 

If you’re a proud soloprenuer, this benefit applies just as much, if not more. Building an app that helps you streamline your efforts and hasten your initiatives is an opportunity you should grab right away. Because you wear multiple hats in the business you run, being able to multitask effectively is crucial.

No-code is easily changeable

One of the more obvious problems of traditional coding is that one isn’t afforded convenient access to alter a feature or functionality instantaneously, especially if the programming language is alien to you. Meaning to say, if there’s one detail you’d like to correct, it can take time for that adjustment to reflect. With No-Code, that isn’t the case. You simply implement the change you want by logging in, and almost automatically will you notice the correction. To entrepreneurs thinking of building a commercial app for their business’s audience, this capacity comes in very handy.

No-code invites collaboration

What’s great about running an app is that you open an entirely new income revenue. Whereas entrepreneurs make the majority, if not all, of their sales through selling their goods or services, managing a business app affords you digital space you can use to commodify.

Say, you run a nail salon. Partnering with a local ring shop and having them advertise on your space should be something you can consider if your application has decent downloads.


All in all, building an app for your small business is a robust way to prepare for the future. Apart from improving brand awareness and customer loyalty, you also make market research much easier to accomplish. What app would you like to build? Call us, and let’s make it happen.

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