Medical Startup Ideas You can Explore

As the rest of the globe battles with the pandemic’s larger-than-life consequences, worrying data findings dictate that startups and small businesses are some of the hardest-hit enterprises in all of the business sector. While some ventures have allowed entrepreneurs to thrive in present circumstances, not the same can be said to every founder and business leader who’ve had to stop operations for economic reasons. That said, the online space is taking no breaks, and many business people are capitalising on empowered digital initiatives to make it through difficult times.

If you’re a tech-savvy entrepreneur looking to build a startup amidst 2020’s glaring backdrop, consider building a web or native mobile application designed to improve healthcare efforts and initiatives. 

Here are terrific startup medical app ideas you can explore

Medical transcription services 

As the services imply, medical transcriptionists are in charge of transcribing the voice recordings of doctors and other health experts into written documentation. Although speech recognition innovation has progressed dramatically, the need to replace human transcriptionists is nowhere in sight. 

This is a terrific business idea any entrepreneur can invest in as his or her team can work from home. Since all of the work is coursed through the internet, this makes for a promising tech project a citizen developer can push for. Given the advent of no-code platforms like, one can create a web app where recordings and files are downloaded and uploaded as necessary. Doing so also streamlines assignments, making it easy for medical clients and transcribers to communicate and exchange reports and projects.

24/7 Doctor Access

The doctor-on-demand app concept isn’t at all novel. But considering today’s health and economic crises, there isn’t enough of these apps that cater to a diverse pool of markets who need medical attention. If you’re an entrepreneur with a vast network of healthcare professionals, letting them jump on board, this venture should be a massive help to the people near you. While there are tons of existing apps like these, nothing beats a doctor on-demand app that’s designed to cater to patients within the user’s vicinity primarily. This arrangement doesn’t just foster a sense of familiarity and trust, but it also helps provide a more affordable consultation alternative to users as opposed to using a similar app where the doctor they’re speaking with is in another part of the world.

Mental health initiatives

New data suggests that COVID19 is drastically increasing more people’s depression and anxiety levels. And why wouldn’t it? Bearing in mind the increasing number of deaths and the collapse of several industries, the pandemic can be a lot to take in. Regardless of generation, race, and status, mental stress is a serious scientific subject matter. That said, there’s never enough mental health efforts designed to accommodate, appease, validate, and comfort burdened individuals. In saying this, another valuable medical startup idea would be to build an app where users can speak with an available therapist or a trained social worker at any time of the day.

For instance, users can go through lists of concerns and categories to find a psychologist they’re comfortable opening up to. If anything, app ideas in this department are endless. There is a vast ocean of mental health problems that call for specific experts and rehabilitation practices. It would be an excellent project for a citizen developer to spearhead an initiative that caters to those who need help making sense of their emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

Women’s welfare services

There’s no denying that women have an exclusive catalogue of pains, stories, and health concerns only other women and experts can address. So if you’re interested in advocating for women’s rights and women’s welfare projects, a startup you can look into is the development of a women-specific app.

Whether it’s for mental health, pregnancy-tracking, period-tracking, career advice, or what have you, there’s never been a more timely opportunity to develop an app that’s made for the modern women and the issues they continuously conquer.

There’s a host of things and features you can make and develop to cater to as many women as possible. It’s up to you, really.

Health updates and information

Perfect for business-minded data analysts, health experts, and medical students, a great startup idea would be to create a web app where trusted contributors can upload studies, updated findings, and published papers relating to anything science.

Whether it’s curating a selection of science podcasts, vlogs, recorded online classes, or other similar media, the possibilities are infinite, and entrepreneurs can tap a market that hasn’t entirely been serviced yet. That being said, business leaders can charge corresponding subscription fees to its audience. Obviously, you don’t have to be a healthcare worker yourself, but having a reliable science maven you can partner with to realize this app would be exponentially beneficial.

Bubble lets you do all these things.

The cat’s long been out of the bag: no-code providers effortlessly provide non-IT specialists with the chance to develop their own apps without having to turn to traditional coders or software engineers. Through Bubble’s visual programming technology, citizen developers can build and actualize their app ideas in as quickly as weeks, if not days! 

Interested? Call us, and let’s make your startup happen.

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