Make app building your side hustle with no-code

As the pandemic remains to shape present times, professionals are scrambling to find other hobbies and skills they can monetize from home. Given how finding a job in today’s climate poses a lot more difficulty and graver threats, the capacity to up-skill and explore other spaces that generates a steady income, all while being safe in one’s own space, is warranted.

But despite today’s occurrences, being able to make money from something you enjoy doing isn’t a bad idea at all! If anything, excelling in other things only allows you to explore side hustles you may not have considered yet.

Take app development, for example.

The sound of building apps for a clientele can seem rather sophisticated and a little too far-fetched for people who don’t work in tech. However, considering the technology we now all have access to, not only is it attainable for virtually everyone, it’s become doable for the non-coder, too. Thanks to no-code platforms like, basically anyone with a computer and a steady internet signal can start building whatever app they wish.

Because no-code providers utilize visual programming, users can easily work with a drag-and-drop tool to design their app. So whether you’re a one-person entrepreneur excited to actualize your brand or an independent digital creative looking to help business folks enter the world of smartphones, the no-code platform is one you should definitely consider.

Reasons why No-Code App building is the perfect side hustle

Growing Need

Absolutely no one in this day and age can tell you technology isn’t helpful. Oppositely, the majority of the world is now irreversibly dependent on computing devices and automation. Without the powers of tech, businesses will fail automatically and how we communicate with each other will instantly be altered for the worse. That said, you can only expect digitization to increase. As a result, you’re bound to constantly meet business leaders who require app builders to better help them cater to their evolving audience.

Technology will never take the backseat, so the best thing you can do right now is to grow alongside it and monetize whatever tech skills you master—and what better way to start than by learning no-code tricks and secrets?

Improved Agility

The biggest advantage the no-code movement extends is its capacity to bypass several traditional programming processes. As a result, users who build apps by utilizing drag-and-drop tools can complete projects exponentially faster. This allows freelancers to accommodate multiple clients without compromising quality, ultimately making this a viable and sustainable side hustle.

Effortlessly Attracts Clients

One of the more obvious reasons not too many businesses build apps for their brands is because of the costs associated with app development. Hiring teams of engineers and coders can cost more than a leg and an arm, and quite frankly, the economy isn’t looking too bright. This is where you can come in.

Because no-code platforms are a much cheaper option than traditional programming agencies, you’re a lot more likely to attract clients faster. Anyone who takes the time to learn how to use, for example, will breeze through the platform. In turn, this confidence can be optimized to help others realize their apps.

By now you should know that consultancy services, especially in tech, can be worth a lot.

Better productivity

The best thing about exploring the no-code space is that it really isn’t all that complex. One can work on other hobbies and gigs while still being able to learn the tricks and trades of no-code. That said, building apps through visual programming allows you to maximize your time.

Have a full-time day job? That’s fine. Scroll through plugins and workflows during lunch.

Busy with chores? Great! Explore in between tasks. It shouldn’t be exhausting.

Whatever your case and story are, it won’t take you a lot of your time and resources to study how the platform works. Although it may look overwhelming at first glance, you’ll find that’s as simple as using a spreadsheet—if not easier. Once you’ve mastered the ABC’s of it all, making money by extending tech help should come naturally.

While no-code platforms are generally easy, not too many people have the luxury to learn it while simultaneously running a business. This is the perfect time to capitalize on that.

It’s Free

Nothing beats not having to pay for anything to master a skill. We’ve heard of self-taught musicians and painters. It’s about time we hear about self-taught app builders, as well! Many no-code providers have free plans on their platforms. Take advantage of this to see how this science works! Compared to many other gigs that require years of experience or a certificate, building apps through no-code is free!

As with many other hobbies, all you’ll really need to dedicate is your time.

Have other questions about what no-code can do and how it can help you build your own brand and career? Talk to us!

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