Machine Learning Startup Ideas For The Modern Business Person

Not too long ago, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and capsule networks used only to be bizarre hot topics Hollywood obsessed over. Today, these innovations are the impelling causes behind billion-dollar industries like medical diagnosis, autonomous-driving cars, home automation tools, and other similar impressive works of technology. 

That said, both artificial learning and its subfield, machine learning, have become emerging spaces of interest entrepreneurs of all kinds have been keen on exploring. Given how 2020 is playing out, it makes sense to see why more business leaders have diverted their full attention to digital ventures.

Here are smart machine learning startup ideas you can consider

Weather forecasting

A lot of people aren’t huge fans of surprises. This is an especially factual reality when it comes to the weather. Imagine preparing for a beach adventure for weeks on end only to rain on the day of your trip.

ML-integrated weather forecasting apps can factor in your present location to provide you a good preview of what the forecasting climate is wherever you are. Since ML technology is superb when it comes to assessing trends and algorithms, AI-backed up systems designed to help accurate weather forecasting available to the public is a stellar idea.

If you’re a big science person with the network to help you pull something like this off, you should definitely consider this ML startup app idea, among other science-centered app concepts.


How we go about our spending choices can make or break us. Finance apps with AI and ML integrations can help assess our payment transactions, the items we purchase, stores we’ve bought them from, and other vital details. These apps can be used to help us find out if there are cheaper deals elsewhere or if we’re spending our money wisely based on our budgets and bank savings, if ever.

Bank of America’s Erica is a terrific example of an ML-driven app that helps users secure their finances in the digital space, among many other impressive features.

If you’re great with money or are an expert in spending smartly, explore the possibility of helping others save and spend better through a user-friendly mobile app.

E-commerce businesses

Running a retail store calls for a lot of hard work when it comes to running social media, categorizing products, and sorting sale items. That said, an ML-powered application can help automatically identify which photos are what products and how much. This lessens one’s workload and the need for more people to run online marketing efforts, but it’ll also help fast-track overall business initiatives.

Furthermore, a customization tool is very much advantageous in an e-commerce setting as entrepreneurs can simply upload their business photos and let the app do the rest.

If you’re a business person yourself looking to make your marketing and e-commerce website game more efficient, then commodifying this idea could be for you.

Fake news

When accessing information is only a few taps away, it’s equally crucial for us to verify our sources and make sure that the media we consume is accurate and factual. What’s worse, “deepfakes”, the technology that can mimic a person’s facial features while communicating, are also becoming more popular and finding its way to more mainstream users. That being said, experts are already advising people to be extra cautious with the videos they watch.

That being said, an ML-integrated application can be used to help determine the authenticity of videos involving people giving controversial statements. For example, this app can further assess a clip to check for speech patterns, facial movements, and gestures and determine if it is authentic.

If you have a firm grasp on how AI and all of its subfields works, coming up with an app that’s designed to counter fake news should be worthy of your time.

Home security

More and more homes around the globe are becoming “smart homes.” From CCTV cameras to remote-controlled doors and sound-sensitive lights, the integration of AI to our personal spaces is not uncommon these days anymore. An ML-powered and ML-accessible place can help interpret patterns, and potentially help prevent kidnapping, thievery, or abuse based on repetitive homeowner behavior.

Not only does this aid in tightening home security, but it also makes everything else at home more efficient and controlled.


Overall, there is an infinite number of applications a tech-savvy entrepreneur can look into. And with the advent of no-code platforms like, building the app you envision and integrating it with other technologies should be a piece of cake. No more months and years of having to learn how to write code! Visual programming equalizes the app development playing field and allows anyone to thrust themselves in the game immediately. Is there an app you’ve been dying to make? Talk to us about it, and let’s make it happen.

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