Let No-Code Improve Your Youtube Marketing Strategy

As video marketing continues to grow, expect Youtube to become an even bigger digital force than it already is. Whether you’re a professional marketing strategist or a budding entrepreneur determined to grow your Youtube channel, this blog post is for you!

Here are leading Youtube marketing strategies guaranteed to improve your video content efforts

Make your brand shine on your Youtube channel

More than anything, your Youtube channel should perfectly articulate your brand voice. From your channel’s logo to the copywriting under the About section, everything in it should spell what your brand is about. Customize your banners and include links to your brand’s other social media platforms, as well.

What’s more, be very particular about video playlists. Should you have multiple products and a series of narratives per commodity, make sure to categorize them accordingly, allowing your audience to efficiently breeze through videos under the same theme.

If you run a B2B brand, produce content that leads your audience to your website. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to also create content highlighting what your satisfied customers have to say. Whether through testimonials or screenshots of reviews, featuring happy consumers organically brings in more prospects.

Additionally, you can also feature industry experts to talk about tips, their professional experiences, and other personal takes on trending industry subjects. One common mistake plenty of businesses makes is to only create content gathered around their offerings. Nothing is wrong with that, per se, but if you’re bent on establishing a market base that’s heavily invested in your products and services, you’re going to want to establish a community—one that’s filled with meaningful conversations and substantial insight from leaders with results.

Your video’s Youtube titles should complement SEO trends

One growing trend today is optimizing Youtube voice search. Thanks to society’s heavier premium on audio, people are now also quick to search for videos using their voices.

To add, include important keywords in your Youtube titles. And although long titles can easily discourage anyone from clicking, you’re going to want to make sure that your videos pack necessary keywords for them to show up on Youtube’s first search results page.

To better understand this, check out how professional vloggers are framing their titles. Complete with their names, locations, and a brief description of what the video is about, video titles are now also a huge aspect of capturing an audience.

Promote your Youtube channel on your brand’s other social media accounts

It goes without saying that sharing your brand’s Youtube videos on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter helps spread the word. When doing so, customize captions for every platform, ensuring that each social media channel maintains its voice and brevity when promoting your video content.

No-Code tools are crucial

Gone are the days when you had to manually do everything to make sure your social media content appear everywhere. These days, no-code tools like Zapier make it easier for you to monitor, upload and track how your Youtube content is performing.

For instance, the said no-code platform allows users to send new YouTube videos in a channel to a Facebook Page, upload new Instagram media to YouTube as videos, create an RSS feed for new YouTube channel videos, and so much more.

In other words, what marketers would usually have done manually, Zapier allows to automate. Not only does this make a brand’s Youtube marketing efforts more efficient, but it also allows employees to focus on other creative-driven efforts, too.

Create a streaming web app

If you’re looking to build a web app where your brand’s Youtube videos can easily be placed, Bubble—arguably the most robust no-code development platform there is today—is a great solution.

Not only are you more able to host a web app where purchasing your products is made easier and faster, but you’re also more able to advertise and promote your Youtube videos in a snap.

Simply put, when your brand optimizes a dynamic web app, everything else feels more cohesive. From buying items directly from the app to browsing through your brand’s many Youtube videos, your customers and prospects are better able to acquaint themselves with your business.

What’s Next?

Youtube is a thriving space. The fact that it’s launched million-dollar careers and has raised awareness on e-commerce brands is living proof that, when optimized wisely, businesses can successfully market their products and services on the platform.

Do you have Youtube marketing strategies that rest on dynamic web app ideas? We’re the team to talk to! Check our 12 Week 2 Sided Marketplace Launch Program here!

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