How To Grow Your Business Network in 2022

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re a part of—networking is an essential practice that allows you to expand your reach and influence. And while it sounds like a walk in the park, the social anxiety, and energy it takes to build bridges and fortify connections can be exhausting.

Still, there are clever ways to go about this. As 2021 comes to an end, it’s about time business leaders and creative visionaries rethink how they can better approach networking in the new normal.

Whether you’re an industry veteran or a thriving newbie, here are surefire tips that’ll help you increase your number of professional contacts!

Strengthen existing contacts

It goes without saying that nurturing existing relationships is one of the first few things you need to do to build a network. You can only talk to so many people until you realize that what matters most in social circles is quality over quantity. That factored in, keep eating out to professional contacts however you can. Emails, calls, texts, and maybe even gift-giving are all stellar examples of what you can do to stay in touch.

Comment and engage with your contacts’ social media posts

One of the easiest ways to stay in touch is by liking the posts of your professional contacts on social media. From lengthy LinkedIn essays to snaps of creative projects posted on Facebook, it costs zero dollars to engage on the posts of the people you look up to. Furthermore, echoing sentiments by leaving meaningful comments on different posts show that you care and support fellow leaders and professionals. To maintain consistency, you can dedicate a schedule to do just this. Remember: taking the time to see what’s going on in your community allows you to better understand trends. What’s more, this also widens your perspective.

Virtual events are helpful

When it comes to meeting like-minded people, industry events are perfect platforms. Not only do you increase your knowledge, but you also meet professionals who share your passion and business interests. And because the pandemic has only widened the reach and extent of corporate gatherings, virtual conferences now take center stage.

When the opportunity arises, feel free to ask questions to speakers and introduce not only your name but the business you represent. You’ll be surprised how many people could reach out to you.

Quality over quantity

When networking, remember that the goal isn’t to gather as many contacts as possible. As mentioned earlier, quality will always outweigh quantity. Acquiring a hefty follower count on social media can be tempting, but it’s often the meaningful connections that take you places and allow you to learn. To continually foster existing relationships, be intentional with your contacts. Organize Facebook groups and commit to meeting your contacts at least once every few months.

Offer your services

Mentorship is a terrific opportunity to hone new talents. When you’ve established a track record that gives you the chance to help others, grab the chance. Still, don’t shy away from learning from others too. Being intentional also means wanting to grow with your contemporaries. As such, talk about what your business offers and what you’re personally able to put on the table. In the same breath, ask others what they contribute too. The objective is to build a community—not one-up each other.

Maximize no-code tools

The amazing thing about technology is that it enables you to connect with peers from all over the globe. Whether a web app specifically designed for industry experts or a social media forum that lets professionals reach out to one another, no-code providers like Bubble make the creation of apps more feasible.

Through visual programming, leaders can now build software by optimizing drag-and-drop interfaces. Additionally, it’s also become so much easier to automate processes, allowing you to send only notifications from specific people should they email you or message you through social media.

The point here is simple: because no-code tools enable citizen developers to whip up apps they deem fit for networking, communication can become so much more purposeful.

What’s Next?

The post-pandemic world has professionals wanting to expand, even more, their networks. As the business landscape continues to evolve, who you know can be solid determiners of how your ventures turn out in the future.

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