How The Working Will Look Like in 2021 and Beyond

This year is unmatched. While we may not know how next year turns out, 2020 is the year that took the globe by storm; so much of our perception of normal has shifted, and a lot of our everyday practices have had to be reformed.

With vaccines still underway, it’s safe to say that the virus outbreak continues to shape how our daily routines roll out. As such, it’s worth discussing how workplace trends will look like in the foreseeable future. Today, companies are already championing digital innovations, with thousands of organizations working remotely. For this blog post, we’re covering what we can expect in the coming years to better embrace employment processes and opportunities.

Here’s how work will look moving forward:

1. Digital Enablement 

You either jump on the bandwagon or you get left behind; digital workplaces are here to stay. On that note, an unsurprising discovery experts have pointed out is the increased usage of smartphones among frontline workers. A study cites that mobile device usage has seen a 70% spike, with millions of workers relying on their phones for internet connectivity. If anything, this reality only celebrates what we’ve long acknowledged: the future is mobile.

That said, our constant communication with friends, family, and colleagues at a time like this has been highly reliant on smartphones. As a result, these devices are now deemed mission-critical for organizational success. For business leaders, this means that the digitization and automation of work conventions are far more necessary. As such, turning to no-code platforms like is helpful to enable enterprise web applications and automatic integrations.

Furthermore, mobile and web apps are the best solutions for work matters moving forward, as these programs are designed to accomplish tasks much quicker. What’s more, leaders can now customize and develop software on their own, making sure what they create and build are tailor-fit for the teams they lead and the brands they embody.

Additionally, optimizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies will be an even bigger norm in the years to come. With customers demanding authenticity, efficiency, and attention more than ever, the capacity to respond to consumers as quickly and as accurately as possible is warranted. Without these necessities, companies will lose their shine and quickly loosen their grip on industry relevance, competence, and control.

2. Efficiency will be a core virtue

One of the many startling takeaways we’ve had to relearn during quarantine is that working from home works. Albeit, not withheld from its own disadvantages, leaders are starting to put more emphasis on the value of one’s output versus the number of one’s hours. Whereas traditional office customs rely largely on clocking in and out to measure one’s productivity, remote working has shattered all of that. Bosses and heads have had to depend solely on how well their members are able to perform in the absence of meeting at an office.

For entrepreneurs, this means maximizing every dollar they can to milk productivity out of the workers they employ is crucial. That pointed out, the availability of productivity apps and data-gathering software will be massive deal breakers in the coming year and moving forward. Technology is now irreversibly ingrained in how people work, so without necessary innovations in place, reaching targets and crossing out to-do lists will be virtually impossible.

Agility can only ever crystallize in the face of competent work environments, and atmospheres like these are cultivated only when leaders don’t shy away from breaking new ground and embracing cutting-edge breakthroughs.

As a result, more companies are expected to invest in training and retraining their employees, making sure that the people they hire are equipped with the right knowledge in pivoting to the upgraded normal. Anything that saves time, money, and resources is no longer a nice-to-have but an irreplaceable need. Because much of the workforce continues to operate remotely now, business leaders continue to look for ways to make work hours more productive.

3. Permanent remote work

To say that millions of people miss working at the office is an understatement. Studies show that work-from-home arrangements have seen a negative impact on a lot of professionals, especially those that live with children or whose residential spaces are limited.

Still, to deny the beautiful wonders of remote work set-ups would be criminal. Despite the glaring backlash of not functioning at an office with the rest of the team, a report says that more than 80% of employees would like to retain remote work practices. From limiting the number of office days to showing up at work for shorter hours, numerous discussions on how the office life will look like post-pandemic is an ongoing activity. Apart from not having to brave the traffic and the daily commute, working from home has also been cost-efficient. Not having to spend on outside food for lunch has been a positive experience for a promising chunk of professionals.

Although different companies will have different takes on how these matters pan out in the far future, remote work arrangements will be a staple in many organizations for the next few years.

Embracing No-Code isn’t optional

With all these factored in, the no-code movement takes center stage once again. As software development is now extra crucial today, businesses of all sizes can benefit from customized web apps, whether for customers or for internal communication purposes. Furthermore, the elimination of having to turn to expensive and traditional teams of coders is seen as a breathtaking innovation in recent history.

Visual programming has made it much easier for non-coders to develop the programs they deem best for their business. From automating integrations to developing engaging two-sided marketplaces, no-code tools are a permanent addition to a world after coronavirus.

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