How No-Code Tools Contribute to Reopening the Economy

In the wake of a tidal wave of devastation caused by the global pandemic, no country was able to escape the economic losses, albeit in varying degrees.

The sudden loss of tourism, increased logistical challenges in shipments, and closure of the businesses have caused the economy to crumble.

However, people are quick to learn to use the tools they have to their advantage to adjust to the situation. Companies, from small to colossal brands, were forced to re-imagine how their businesses can weather their respective challenges. 

With social distancing being the new normal, entrepreneurs look for new ways to get things done through opportunities presented by technological advancements.

Evidently, technology is the MVP in the struggle to carry on with life during the pandemic. From the educational sector to the working systems, tech’s deep involvement is seen through the use of reimagined or newly developed software, digital features, and apps.

Remote Work

With quarantines in place, businesses have been made to pull out their thinking caps and reconfigure how to operate and manage their workforce to avoid inflicting irrecoverable losses.

Thus companies embraced a remote work setup which has been the inflatable floating device that kept most businesses afloat despite people having to stay at home.

By using features and software offered by websites, services, or web developing teams themselves, people were able to take their work home.

The rise in the value of teleconferencing apps or software is undeniable as it became the main channel of communication to keep offices running. Zoom and Google Meet have become staples in every household overnight.

Collaboration tools such as Slack and Trello also became indispensable instruments to keep teams working on projects together in sync and up-to-date with their current status. These also work well in task management within teams to assure that everyone knows their part in the project.

Management and operational teams also benefit from remote tools developed by web development teams, such as no-code, with remote monitoring tools like Clockify to keep tabs on the employees’ working hours. Or screen sharing features that can help oversee some tasks that are hard to put into words.

With such tools, many companies can adapt fully remote or hybrid setups to sustain a steady stream that bolsters the economy.

Automation and digitalization

Automation and digitalization aren’t new concepts in technology. However, its functionality has opened doors that gave the economy the leg up it needed. Innovation has given industries the first stepping stone to creating a new normal through health-directed apps and contract tracing software.

Perhaps the best feature apps offer is contract tracing which allows institutions and the government to track the possible spread of the virus and to take action to prevent further damage. With convenient forms or even more convenient QR code scanning, the public is also assured that they don’t need tech knowledge to accomplish them. Making it easier for everyone to comply.

To add to that, seeing that personnel safety became the highest priority in the workplace, having touchless kiosks to check the temperature and well-being of employees can give them and their employers the peace of mind they need to commit to a face-to-face working environment.

Having access to more data on the current situation through digital channels also helps responsible entities such as institutions, companies, and more importantly, the government to make smarter decisions and make more informed judgment calls that can keep the community safe and stable.

With better management of the pandemic, the country can recover its ability to take bolder pursuits in reestablishing the economy. And maybe even sometime soon, open its doors to travelers and allow the stream of tourism to flow through.

What’s Next?

Because no-code tools have democratized the production of applications and software in general, it’s been much, much easier to resort to digital solutions and web-first strategies.

While it may not always be apparent, the contributions of technology, specifically no-code tools, are embedded into the healing process of the global economy.

Whether through added functionality or providing options to accomplish simple tasks such as project management and communication, there is no denying that website features and apps provide the crutches to keep businesses running.

It’s expected that more innovation will play a bigger role in the rebuilding of financial management worldwide as we move forward.

Which encourages one to wonder how web development tools can change how we do things, prioritizing safety and functionality even more in the future.

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