How No-Code Tools Are Changing Leadership Forever

2020 has changed the world forever. Never has there been a more opportune time to rethink what we look for in leaders until today. The demand for a more sustainable evolution of how we move and get things done is incredibly apparent now.

As a result, it isn’t surprising why hundreds of research organizations are putting out more data on what modern workforces look for and prioritize when it comes to employment.

According to an article by FastCompany, there are three fundamental traits needed for every leader to possess to thrive, not only in navigating a pack, but in shaping an enduring culture—humility, curiosity, and integrity are key attitudes that can make or break a visionary.

And we agree!

While we acknowledge that confidence is power and decisiveness is integral, humility is a non-negotiable characteristic that easily wins people over. No one likes listening to people who don’t listen. And because of that, curiosity, according to the piece, takes a close second. After all, why listen if you don’t have the least bit of curiosity as to what your people need?

It’s also curiosity that affords a person the drive to determine all the better solutions and practices. Without it, you’re stuck with a boss whose mind has settled for outdated processes.

Lastly, the article cites integrity as the final leadership skill shift those in high positions should strive to own.

And why wouldn’t it be? At a time where compassion and empathy are needed the most, it is integrity that cradles one’s approach in seeing people and understanding how they need to be treated.

For their part, Forbes says emotional agility is just as crucial. In an article they published nearly a year ago, they cite that self-awareness can only go so far. Unless leaders learn how to navigate through the complexity of their emotions, their responses won’t be as called for. In other words, leaders will have to learn to concede to their feelings, understand why they feel that way, and understand, even more, that these are just feelings and solutions that require going beyond frustration, being upset, or reacting negatively in immediacy.

Naturally, “context management,” as the piece calls it, is a crucial practice leaders should learn, too. Whereas time management taught us to make the most of what we could given the hours we’re handed, context management calls for treating colleagues and subordinates according to the circumstances they deal with daily.

Simply put, leaders should learn to demand the right amount of performance from their workers based on their capacity to deliver considering their respective backdrops and remote environments.

How no-code is changing leadership

There is very little room to be inefficient today. As the majority of administrative and marketing tasks are shifting to the digital spectrum, every task should be held against modern standards that are anchored on inventiveness and resourcefulness.

Consider it criminal to no longer harness the very technology we have access to today.

Because the demand for shifting leadership strategies is overt, the demand for how these leaders strategize and empower their personnel to perform is just as obvious, too.

Thankfully, no-code tools are making it easier for modern workforces to carry on with rewired duties.

For example, Typeform allows marketers to source data from market segments and key audiences. Through this no-code tool, leaders can also create quick and engaging survey forms that don’t look traditionally bland and chore-like.

Another fantastic solution that works great for organizations of all kinds is Zapier, a no-code tool that links web apps and automates two or more different programs so you no longer have to manually shift through them all the time.

Notion is a stellar no-code solution to all things related to project management, too! Through this platform, leaders are more able to delegate tasks and monitor assignment progress, ensuring everyone and everything is accounted for without having to micromanage professionals.

Segment is an amazing no-code tool that works effectively for research teams, too! Because it helps entrepreneurs and marketers collect, clean, and control customer information, leaders are on top of their game and are more capable of overseeing project entireties.

Of course, Bubble, our all-time favorite, makes it easier to build and launch web apps, too! This means that, through the platform, leaders can now actualize digital ideas and solutions without having to code at all. From management software to e-commerce sites, there are thousands of products one can create with Bubble.

What’s Next?

The truth is, the role leaders play has never been more painstakingly climacteric. One wrong move can be costly, and outdated practices can kill businesses faster than any virus outbreak can.

With the shift of leadership skills comes the need to adapt to newer solutions, as well.

Fortunately, you aren’t alone. If you’re thinking of future-proofing your business, we’re the no-code agency you want to partner with.

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