How No-Code Platform Integromat Is Making Customer Service Feel More Personal

When it comes to capturing your audience’s attention on the internet, personalizing your marketing materials can spell a big difference. Sure, online communities and tribes ring a sense of belongingness, but nothing beats receiving customized messages from brands you trust and support.

That said, entrepreneurs who run online businesses and e-commerce ventures have multiple ways of improving customer loyalty and expanding their market base—and personalization can come in very handy.

Thankfully, no-code tools like Integromat make it exponentially easy to make initiatives like these possible. Through templates that breezily allow marketers and business leaders to automate personalized efforts, businesses are now more able to customize emails, ads, and even customer service!

Here’s how Integromat is making customer service feel more personal

Personalized ads

Your best customers are those that support your business at present. As a matter of fact, a study says that, compared to new customers, existing patrons are more likely to consume your brand’s new offerings.

Precisely because of this, Integromat empowers businesses to automatically add to a Facebook Custom Audience the email addresses of patrons who recently purchased an item from them through Shopify. 

That way, your ads are bound to appear on Facebook accounts of users who aren’t foreign to the idea of buying from your business.

Email patrons about customer service concerns

Do you use SaaS brand Zendesk to take care of your business’s customer service matters? If so, you’re going to love this Integromat feature.

It’s only fair to say that customers who create several tickets that demand technical resolution are most likely annoyed or inconvenienced. After all, why send a ticket if nothing needs fixing?

That factored in, Integromat has put out a template that allows customers who’ve created multiple Zendesk tickets in the span of one month to automatically receive an email, confirming if they need further help or if there is any other way the business can improve overall customer experience.

Not only does this extend general concern, but it also allows users to more freely express their thoughts about a product or service. In turn, businesses are more able to be more empathetically aligned with the people they serve.

Send coupons

When people buy from a business they haven’t purchased from yet, whether or not they turn out to be repeat customers will depend on multiple factors. Fortunately, incentivizing customers who support your brand is an effective strategy. This is because, ultimately, good deals are almost often augmented by freebies and discounts.

That said, Integromat makes it possible for your WooCommerce customers to receive a coupon immediately after their first purchase from you. In other words, entrepreneurs who rely on the open-source e-commerce plugin to make a profit increase their chances of gaining more customers when they integrate this Integromat feature.

And since this practice is automated, you no longer have to worry about manually coming up with coupons for new customers and sending them out yourself.

Personalization is the name of the game

In an era where technological advancements aren’t new, customers now demand more from the businesses they patronize. As such, tailor-fit experiences have become crucial in shaping customer loyalty and business growth.

Whether you’re talking about ads, sending emails, or putting out exclusive discounts and promos, the key to fostering a more intimate connection with your target market is by personalizing your interactions with them.

Luckily, Integromat makes everything in this context easy and feasible. With Integromat’s many user-friendly templates, business leaders can now drastically improve how customers relate to their brands.

And the best thing?

These features require no coding at all!

What’s Next?

Today, both mobile and web apps are dominating the online space, and businesses are leveraging these technologies to better expand their reach. That said, if you’re an entrepreneur who hasn’t explored these solutions yet, let us be the first to say you’re missing out!

Whether dynamic and profitable apps or straightforward technical solutions, the no-code revolution is changing how the world deals with digital entities.

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