How No-Code Is Simplifying E-Mail Marketing

The year is 2022, and although there are now countless ways to communicate with friends and family, e-mails are still an irreplaceable medium. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of memes online that joke about how checking one’s email is a steady part of their social media routine.

And why wouldn’t it be?

Despite the rise of messaging applications, the virtual counterpart of receiving snail mail still holds integral value in our day-to-day lives. That said, the way brands and businesses reach out to their consumers through emails has changed drastically too. While much of the practice is generally the same, the language and technology behind email marketing have advanced, as well.


No one looks forward to being just another name on the list. As such, brands have made huge efforts in trying to personalize whatever they can to create a more intimate relationship with consumers on an individual level. From using their first names as greetings to relying on AI-powered algorithms to suggest tailor-fit products and services, a lot can be done to greatly improve customer experience in the email marketing segment.

And while data privacy is consistently a hot topic, businesses that have access to email addresses through signups almost always have access to some extent of their consumers’ preferences. That factored in, brands are expected to cleverly utilize these pieces of information to better curate customized content.

The more a brand knows what each customer looks for and prioritizes, the easier it will be for them to hand out appropriate discounts and release offerings that people actually demand and look for.

A few stellar examples of how brands can ace this strategy are by categorizing their target market at large and recommending products to them by segments and sending out emails based on purchase triggers and specific purchases.

Interactive emails

It shouldn’t come as a shock how interactive marketing is beginning to make bigger splashes as each day passes. As the advancement of technology advances, brands are trying incredibly hard to keep their audiences engaged. That said, making the effort to churn out creative emails is almost always a solid win.

Email marketers can go this route by optimizing hover-over photos, animated buttons polls and surveys, GIFs, gamification features, and product carousels.

Furthermore, interactive marketing is a superb strategy that not just sends a message across, but also creates a memorable experience. From birthday greetings to congratulatory remarks, there are a lot of marketers and entrepreneurs can explore here.

Optimize for every platform

A lot of people read their emails through their smartphones, so it’s only right for marketers and creatives to factor in how their messages look on different devices and platforms.

Regardless of where your consumers read their emails, the objective is to make sure that your message looks stunning! That said, take the time to streamline your emails for both desktop and mobile. Your material shouldn’t only be easy to read, but easy to interact with, as well!

No-Code: The Power of Integromat

Thankfully, no-code tools are making it easier to send out dynamic emails without stressing too much on laborious and manual work. For example, platforms like Substack and Mailchimp are empowering both brands and individual content creators to effortlessly put out engaging content through email marketing.

By easily allowing users to incorporate different media types into the bodies of their emails, writers and leaders can be as expressive and articulate with their messaging. From GIFs and videos to Spotify song suggestions, the politics of email marketing has become an art in itself too.

And with Integromat’s multiple features, anyone can easily automate processes in no time! From adding Mailchimp subscribers from Unbounce form submissions to creating Pipedrive CRM offers for new Lemlist email events to updating an email address of a HubSpot CRM contact when an email address of a Mailchimp subscriber has changed, the list goes on.

(source of templates: here)

Truly, Integromat is any marketer’s dream—email or otherwise. Not only is it a brilliant no-code app that effortlessly integrates one platform to another, but it also easily streamlines digital workflows, saving you both time and effort.

What’s Next?

Like a plethora of marketing fads, email marketing trends are bound to evolve too. What’s sure to stay, however, are no-code platforms that allow anyone and everyone to create their own applications without having to write a single line of code!

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