How No-Code Is Shifting The Narrative

It’s crazy to think how there was a time in history when people had to carry around mixtapes and CDs to listen to music. Fast forward to 1999, and Napster changed our consumption of songs as you know it.

Whereas our music-listening activities used to rely greatly on having to carry around physical items to access certain tracks, the technology we enjoy today allows us to stream a universe of music through the internet.

So much has changed since then.

While it helps, artists no longer have to depend on industry connections alone to book expensive studio recording sessions or put their music out. Today, anyone with a promising laptop and a quiet bedroom can record what they want and immediately share what they have to offer to the world.

This quick comparison illustrates what can happen when we empower people to be their own producers. Time and again, we’ve learned that people are generally creative so democratizing certain activities and practices only allows societies to come up with stronger, more nuanced solutions.

Take the no-code revolution, for example.

Through visual programming, no-code has allowed non-technical civilians to create apps without having to learn how to write coding languages. This means that people are now freer to translate ideas into actual products people can use. 

Thanks to solutions like Bubble and Integromat, leaders and professionals of all kinds can now actualize their visions into dynamic apps that let them maximize productivity in both the workplace and creative settings.

Here’s how no-code is shifting the narrative

No-code lets you build apps in hours

Not too long ago, you’d have to work with a seasoned developer to create a business website. Not only did these things feel exclusive to people with large budgets, the entire idea just wasn’t feasible to the average Joe at all too. They were time-consuming and costly. Now, platforms like Squarespace and Wix empower anyone to create their own websites in minutes!

The same thing can be said about mobile and web apps. Whereas traditional coded applications can take six months to half a year, no-code platforms allow the development of apps to be done in a shorter time span. Over are the days where you had to wait for a long period to get your app up and running. This makes the entire process not only quicker but exponentially more affordable too.

Yes, reliable no-code development agencies abound but anyone determined to learn the ropes can be just as effective and skilled at app-making too.

No-code lets you retain autonomy

Although this business route clearly isn’t for everyone, we want to point out how no-code helps thousands of business leaders and startup owners the power to remain autonomous when and where able.

Because no-code allows leaders to set their own targets and independently create their own products, entrepreneurs have a lot more flexibility in going about their budgets without having to compromise launch dates and excellent services.

For instance, any product-driven businessperson can now instantly put up an e-commerce website without needing to hire an entire tech team for the site.

No-code lets leaders take more risks

One of the biggest reasons taking risks can be difficult for entrepreneurs is because of the cash involved in testing out the waters. Because no-code is essentially a quick process, visionaries now have a lot more room to play around with different ideas and test which MVPs click with target markets.

Through various no-code tools, creatives can also diversify their solutions by resorting to only one platform. For example, one can now create a profitable mobile app through Thunkable or Bubble but also establish a paid newsletter Medium or MailerLite—both these things would have been commercially expensive in the not-so-distant past, but visual programming is making it more accessible to be creative.

In other words, the fear of losing a substantial amount of funding is lessened because of how feasible no-code tools are. Although it sounds cheesy, we really do believe that in this technology segment, the sky truly is the limit, and if you can think of it, you’re most probably able to create it too.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a freelance creative, the no-code revolution has space for you.

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