How No-Code Is Helping Friends Organise Dinners

Just when you think that no-code tools are only great for business, who’d have thought these digital remedies make for great solutions when you’re meeting up with friends too.

Adulthood can be an exhausting experience for many of us, and a lot of times, life gets in the way of us connecting with peers. Whatever your story is, we’re sure you’re no stranger to hectic schedules and postponed nights out with people whose company you enjoy.

On that note, we’re jotting down all the leading tips on how you can successfully organize fun dinners and potlucks with friends!

Let’s start!

Determine who’s bringing what

Part of the fun in organizing dinners with friends isn’t just determining who’s bringing what but knowing exactly what everyone else is preparing for the occasion too. If you’re hosting the event, it’s your task to make sure that everyone on your guest list brings a vast selection of dishes to keep things interesting.

Of course, it should also be in your best interest to remind these guests to prepare whatever utensil or kitchenware is needed for everyone else to enjoy the dish. Will their offering require a huge serving spoon? Or a tong? Things like these are best ironed out in advance to avoid on-the-spot dinner dilemmas.

Depending on how grand and detailed you want the dinner to be, you can also instruct your guests on which course they could be bringing food for. Who will be in charge of appetizers? The main course? Desserts? Make it a complete course and pick foods everyone will enjoy!

Unless you’re regularly able to hang out with your good friends, you’re going to want to make this count—so make dinner as tasty and as memorable as possible!

Choose a theme

Organizing dinners and potlucks can be made extra special when you have a theme. Are your friends into Mexican food? What about Japanese cuisine? Or Thai? It’s completely up to you!

If you’re feeling a lot more festive and playful, throw in a costume theme too. Halloween dinner parties are never boring, so perhaps your friends can wear shirts with movie poster prints on them. If you guys want to take it up a notch, why not replicate an actual costume of a fictional character?

If cosplaying doesn’t sound like something you and your pals enjoy, perhaps subtle costume themes should work—let everyone wear brown, or blue, or maybe even anything with Christmas prints on. It’s your call!

Remember to spice it all up from the dishes to the clothes!

Stay sensitive to restrictions

No matter how old your group of friends is, there’s bound to be a handful who are not allowed to nibble on a few food types. Allergies, medical conditions, and maybe even religious circumstances prohibit a chunk of people from enjoying the kind of food we do. In that case, consider your friends who won’t be able to snack on meat, beef, liquor, and other similar dishes.

That said, you’ll want to prepare the food they can enjoy. That way, even if they’re unable to sink their teeth on what most of you guys are downing, your other friends are kept full and engaged.

Communication is key to successful dinner parties, no matter how large or intimate. As a result, make sure everything is clear ahead of time. You can even tell your friends to bring their own food if they’re unable to share or partake in what everyone else will be eating!

Determine the schedule

Arguably the most painful part of the organizing process isn’t so much figuring out what theme everyone might enjoy—that part’s the easy part. The challenge here is finding out what schedule works for everyone.

That factored in, you’re free to choose calendar and scheduling apps that allow you to visually compare and monitor when everyone is free. It’s stuff like these that make no-code solutions such an irreplaceable gem.

Calendly, Doodle, and Grapple Meetings are all awesome selections. Instead of simply typing dates and times on your chat thread, find a web app that works for you and your friends!

This way, booking schedules and finding out common days off should be a breeze!

What’s Next?

All these mentioned, no-code solutions are fantastic gap-bridges that allow you and your clique to make more memories efficiently!

While no-code platforms are primarily seen as business tools, they very much exist to better so many other aspects of your life too! In other words, make the most of what the internet has to offer today.

You’re no longer obliged to manually write dates on a table calendar. Optimize scheduling apps and digitized forms to organize meaningful potlucks and dinners with friends!

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