How No-Code Is Changing The Classroom

It shouldn’t come as a surprise why no-code tools are competently making their way to the education system today. Apart from our obvious shift to the digital space, automation is greatly contributing to classroom advancements and hybrid learning setups across the globe.

That said, the more schools and universities pick up automation programs and make the most of what no-code tools have to offer, streamlining lessons and the submission of projects become faster and more effective, allowing schoolwork to feel less of a chore.

Furthermore, not only does automation hasten processes, it saves everyone from having to utilize a ton of paper, too. On top of that, the administrative work teachers have to go through becomes less and far between, allowing educators everywhere to put a heavier premium on the quality of their lessons.

Ultimately, the optimization of no-code solutions in the academic setting is a win for everyone.

Here are 5 tasks schools can start automating in a heartbeat


Whether e-learning or face-to-face classes, attendance can take a while if teachers do this manually. This is where spreadsheets—or their many more modern substitutes like AirTable—come in. An online spreadsheet makes registration faster and more accessible for everyone.

Not only is it quicker, but spreadsheets also make it easier for those in charge to generate reports. Say goodbye to having to sift through hundreds of pages and encoding them to your laptop. 

With no-code solutions, you can track students and teachers in real-time and even monitor students’ progress on projects.

Exams and assessments

It isn’t a secret that more students are ditching their paperback notebooks for tablets and laptops. As such, it makes complete sense why more teachers are turning to digital quizzes. Running assessments online means that teachers no longer have to manually check them unless they’re essays or art-driven, too.

While it’s only fair to say teachers should go through each of their student’s works, checking papers becomes faster with automated tools that help generate scores. If a student gets an answer wrong, teachers also have the opportunity to provide the correct answer and provide substantiation where necessary. 

Student Data

Part of what makes school a tedious experience is the paperwork involved in extending one’s information to the institution. It also isn’t a foreign experience for school staffers to compile a multitude of pages all in the name of the school’s student database.

Through no-code solutions, schools can go away with the hefty paperwork and immediately store a student’s details on the cloud.

Again, it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Tracking Assignments

Instead of having students print their essays and other school-related papers, no-code platforms make it easier for teachers to collect their students’ works.

Whether Dropbox, Milk, Moodle, or Google Classroom, the digital realm has all we need to simplify and streamline the way we communicate and submit work. This kind of practice also enables teachers to easily check which student has submitted their homework and which students haven’t. 

That mentioned, accountability is much easier traced, and evaluating papers becomes less of a burden too.

Speaking to parents

If we speak to our family and friends through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products, why can’t we do the same with the parents of our students? Of course, we’re not talking about Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or whatever messaging mediums you use with close pals.

No-code platforms like Bubble allow citizen developers to create custom-made apps—and this includes communication tools tailor-fit for teachers to reach out to their students’ parents. These kinds of apps allow parents to book a schedule and monitor their child’s teacher’s availability for speaking, too.

And because these solutions are custom-made, the features you want are entirely up to you!

What’s Next?

Whether you’re a teacher, a student, or a school owner, it’s important that you understand how critical online solutions are in today’s global context. The future is no-code, and there’s no debate about that.

Across multiple industries all around the planet, the internet provides communities and societies better chances of bridging gaps and connecting with others.

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