How Can No-Code Can Improve Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

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If you check the numbers, Twitter is a little far behind popular Instagram and rising-star TikTok. Still, the fact that it belongs to the top 10 social media platforms tells us a lot.

All things considered, both brands and marketing pros definitely have to approach the microblogging platform with a lot more caution and insight when putting out content. Whether for brand equity ventures or sales initiatives, a ton can be accomplished on Twitter when businesses play their cards right.

Let’s go over what experts expect from Twitter in 2022!

Twitter is putting a premium on video content

There have been talks about Twitter rolling out a Live Shopping feature for a while now. And true enough, they launched this special feature with no less than Hollywood megastar Jason Derulo. Through a partnership with Walmart, users were treated to Derulo talking about his favorite kitchenware and gears that consumers could purchase straight from the social media platform.

In a Twitter blog post, Walmart’s Chief Marketing Officer was quoted saying, “Twitter continues to be an important platform for Walmart’s business and our customers. We’ve been focused on charting new territory in shoppable livestreams and are excited to celebrate an important milestone together with the first Livestream Shopping event on Twitter.”

He also proceeds to say that the giant retail brand is “meeting customers where they are and making it easier to shop incredible deals and find inspiration through dynamic, interactive experiences.”

That said, it’s clear that Twitter is listening—expect video content to be even bigger on the platform.

Twitter remains to be the go-to platform for live and breaking news

No other social media comes close when it comes to broadcasting breaking news. As a matter of fact, you will notice that both new and traditional media are quick to optimize viral tweets and published statements of newsmakers.

That factored in, Twitter is forecasted to still be a reliable platform for news and information. From what’s trending in cinema and pop culture to the latest on vaccine advancements and NFT courses, expect Twitter to thrive. As such, marketers and publicists can keep utilizing the platform as a medium to lead followers into landing pages, websites, and other social media platforms.

Twitter will build even bigger online communities

Perhaps one of the best things about Twitter is its capacity to seamlessly connect like-minded people. Through Twitter Communities, users can engage with each other based solely on their interests. This means that the social media platform’s algorithm shows you tweets of people you most likely share viewpoints with.

From film franchises to conversations on no-code tools and tech inventions, Twitter does a swell job in categorizing which tweets belong where. This feature also proves to be incredibly promising for entrepreneurs and marketing leaders alike, as the help of communities allows businesses and organizations to expand their reach and introduce their offerings to even more people—not to mention the organic feedback that comes with having your products and services talked about online.

Twitter is tapping into the e-commerce space

Twitter Shop Module may not be available in all parts of the globe yet but, already, people are talking about the many sales and marketing routes they can explore with this feature. What this advancement does is empower business profiles to more easily advertise their offerings, giving users a quicker way to check out and pay for products.

Similar to Facebook, the feature optimizes a ton of visual content, as well.

Twitter is best partnered with no-code tools

No-code tools have been a blessing to a plethora of people. From startup entrepreneurs to freelance creatives, no-code users—also known as citizen developers—have been able to actualize their own applications without having to write a single line of code.

From creating dynamic apps in days to building effortless workflow processes in minutes, there’s a lot to love with no-code’s many abilities.

With Integromat, for instance, users can effortlessly trigger an action to complete an entire process—one that would have been labor-intensive were it not for automation.

To give you a better idea of what Integromat can do with Twitter, here are a few examples:

What’s Next?

Twitter may not be one’s top of mind when talking about marketing, but it’s an exponentially helpful tool when optimized correctly. Furthermore, its growing user base also helps solidify how alive the microblogging app is.

What’s more, with the advent of no-code tools, it’s become much, much easier to automate processes and streamline social media initiatives.

Do you have apps you’d like to build around Twitter? We’re the team to talk to!

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