How No-Code Can Improve Your TikTok Marketing

It’s no secret how TikTok continues to be a growing marketing tool. What once was a mere social media platform has now transformed into a staple channel for brands and businesses to course their advertising strategies to. 

As such, it’s only right for forward-thinking business leaders to establish a TikTok strategy into their existing marketing practices to stay relevant.

All that mentioned, let’s go over how we can better build

Branded Hashtag Challenges

As you can already tell by the name of the trend, branded hashtag challenges make clever use of brand-leaning hashtags in the hopes of users jumping on the bandwagon. In other words, this trend capitalizes on TikTok users organically participating in campaigns. Although content creators and paid influencers are a huge part of this engagement type, this route works strategically.

As TikTok is a fantastic platform that easily supports content virality, it isn’t impossible for branded videos to trend. A great example of this is Elf Cosmetics’ #eyeslipsface. Not only did it garner millions of user-generated content, but the campaign’s entire view count also reached billions.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

If you’re a social media regular, then you will most likely have already noticed how brands are repurposing content that’s generated by ordinary customers. Referred to as User-Generated Content (UGC), this TikTok strategy works because it shows potential customers and prospects how effective a brand’s products or services are.

While paid collaborations merit their own space in the marketing realm, UGC lets more people appreciate products and services for what they truly are. Because these kinds of content are made by regular consumers without a monetary incentive, it paints a stronger picture for a business. As if saying, “people actually like what we have to give,” UGC is one of the best marketing strategies on TikTok and beyond today.


One of TikTok’s most unique features is its capacity for other users to duet another video. How this works is easy: brands can produce their own content and allow users to duet their videos side-by-side, easily expanding their reach to thousands if not millions of other users who may not particularly follow the brand account.

Not only are duets a smart way to boost engagement, they also naturally foster experiences, giving brands an advantage in curating the kind of energy they want to be associated with their products.

No-code tool: Integromat

As marketers and business leaders, one of our many objectives is to generate leads and make a profit through engaging on TikTok. Thankfully, no-code tools like Integromat makes it easy for us to streamline our social media marketing efforts.

Because Integromat is a robust integration platform, it empowers users to visualize, design, and automate work in minutes. Simply put, it helps connect two different apps in achieving the desired action.

For instance, if you’re looking to retrieve a list of TikTok ad reports, update an existing ad’s status, or get a specified ad, you can easily do so by establishing which activities you want to trigger these actions.

In summary, you no longer have to manually perform each action to determine your numbers or gather data.

Furthermore, other no-code tools like Bubble allow you to breezily create web apps in minutes, as well! Should you need to build a customized communications channel or a customer-facing application, Bubble is a fantastic option as you no longer have to learn how to write code to create an app.

Its drag-and-drop interface is intuitive and should suffice.

What’s Next?

All things considered, TikTok shows no immediate signs of slowing down, and marketers who are serious about making bigger marks and larger strides for their products and services should definitely consider fortifying their existing marketing practices.

And no-code tools are at the forefront of them all!

From automating multiple apps to sourcing important data, no-code tools empower non-technical professionals to effortlessly bridge gaps and create workflows that no longer require crucial help from busy IT departments of software engineers.

Do you have app ideas you’d like to discuss? Or a TikTok strategy you’d like to explore with no-code? We’re the agency you want to partner with!

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