How No-Code Automation is Transforming the Medical Field

Out of all of the industries greatly affected by the pandemic, the medical field is one that’s suffered the most.

The first few waves of COVID cases made it close to impossible to get medical help for non-COVID cases, and the unexpected changes this brought about has been overwhelming for pretty much everybody, especially medical practitioners and healthcare workers.

Because the rate of non-COVID in-person clinic visits and consultations have gone down significantly, this has led to a swift rise in online consultations and teleconsultations. Looking at the past eighteen months alone, it’s safe to say that the healthcare industry is benefiting greatly from the progress of telemedicine.

According to market research done by MedGadget, the global telemedicine market is expected to reach a whopping value of USD 171 billion by 2026. That and the influx of investments flowing into digital healthcare shows that telemedicine is definitely here to stay. Taking this business surge into consideration, the healthcare industry’s best bet moving forward is to not just be open to digitization, but to embrace it fully, and actively participate in the transformation. The most practical way to do this is through the use of no-code automation.

With no-code automation, medical staff can focus their energies on the more important aspects of their work. When repetitive daily tasks such as data encoding, inventory checks and updating medical records are taken away, employees can breathe a sigh of relief before they power through the rest of their day. Here are other ways no-code automation can help the healthcare sector:

  • More efficient patient management
  • Better tracking of electronic medical records
  • Hassle-free appointment scheduling
  • More seamless staff and support management
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Less stressful claims management

More efficient patient management

No-code can help get the patient management process started even before the patients come in to see you. From the comfort of their own homes or offices, they can fill out registration forms and make updates to their personal medical records. From there, your no-code can then take the information and place them in dashboards, reports, specific folders and the like, making the paperwork a thing of the past. With a click of a button, you can retrieve all of your patient’s data without having to dive into those bulky file cabinets.

For in-patient cases, no-code automation can also be tailored to make the whole process seamless: from registration to admission, to billing, to discharge- and everything in between. This takes a load off your patient’s back and also lessens the drain on personnel. Having a hassle-free process also reduces the stress that your patients may be experiencing.

Better tracking of electronic medical records

Having to manually fill out documents, validate them, stamp and staple them, make copies, and then categorize and file them in massive metal cabinets is nowhere near ideal. It’s a long, slow, and dull process, but tracking medical records doesn’t have to be that way.

Not only is it tedious, but it’s also inefficient- when the paperwork gets scattered or isn’t processed the right way, it’s going to be a chore to find the information you need. No-code automation comes in handy by doing all of that—and more—for you.

All the information you need gets sorted out in a well-organized system and can be readily available within seconds. On top of providing speed and accuracy, no-code automation also gives you and your clients a better sense of security.

Hassle-free appointment scheduling

Say goodbye to long phone queues and having to line up for hours to see the doctor! With no-code automation, booking an appointment with doctors or clinics has become less of a chore. More than that, health organizations can also send out reminders, schedule follow-up consultations, and get feedback from patients and clients. The system can also create and send out emails or SMS notifications to both medical staff and clients. Booking a session to see the doctor has just become one less thing to worry about.

More seamless staff and support management

Now that appointments and patient profiles have been digitized, why stop there? No-code automation goes above and beyond by increasing staff schedule visibility. You’ll be able to see the weekly to-dos at a glance and can even have the system categorize tasks and important, urgent, or both. No-code is the solution for those who have trouble managing their staff bandwidth and monitoring employee productivity and efficiency.

Efficient inventory management

Handling medical inventory is no easy task, especially when serial numbers and special codes are involved. Making the tiniest mistake in the inventory can end up becoming a big, costly fiasco- and might even potentially affect lives. But if you create a workflow tailor-fit to your medical inventory, then you greatly reduce the risk of slipping up. The no-code software can also help you make better purchasing decisions- you can automate the process to help you compare or check item prices, equipment effectiveness and more. The system can also alert you when the inventory is running low, and with the right permissions, can also put in the vendor orders for you.

What’s Next?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a special love for medical sciences or a doctor looking for solutions to better streamline patient care practices, no-code technology is here to help.

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