How No-Code Automation Improves Customer Experience

When it comes to service, customers only remember two types of experiences: the really good and the really bad. There isn’t much to remember about the in-betweens. Oftentimes, companies fall into the trap of mainly following tradition: “This is how we’ve always done it, and this is how we will continue to do it, and it’s always worked out just fine for us before!” And while this holds true for certain business aspects, it isn’t the most practical mindset anymore, considering all the changes the last two years alone have brought us. So in the time of digitization, where everyone expects things to be instantaneous, how do we make sure that we’re still able to offer a better customer experience than before?

Good Customer Experience

Good customer experience takes a few things into account: speed, ease, and reliability. These are the three main factors that clients look for in their transactions. They want a faster response time, simple but effective resolutions, and accurate information. When these are not met, customers are likely to stop doing business with the organization. According to research done by Accenture, a staggering “61% of consumers stopped doing business with at least one company last year because of bad customer experience.” Serious as this may sound, it’s no reason to worry because when equipped with the right resources, employees can give your customers exactly what they’re looking for, and possibly even more. This is where no-code automation comes in handy.

How automation can positively affect customer experience

Automation isn’t limited only to the technical parts of your business, even while that’s where it is mainly used. So how exactly does automation tie into customer experience? Well, simply put, it’s a domino effect. Let’s start off with daily tasks your employees are likely required to cover: reading, sorting, and responding to emails, sending out reports, updating trackers, extracting and analyzing data- to name a few. All of these are small repetitive tasks that are sometimes seemingly never-ending. Taken at face value, the effort put into these activities seems negligible, when in fact, these are the tasks that use up quite a chunk of your team’s time and energy. The more time and effort your employees use upon one task mean a little less time and effort will be available for the next one. So the goal here is to be able to help your employees focus their energy on the things that matter more- like delivering an exceptional customer experience.

With bots taking care of the mundane and repetitive assignments, you employees now have more energy to do what they were truly meant to do- interact with your clients and give them a personalized and memorable customer experience.

Automation in play

How does that work? There are two types of automation: attended and unattended. Unattended bots are bots capable of running in the background with little to no supervision needed (although it is still advisable to check in on the process every now and then) and are used for tasks that follow the exact same flow every single time; an example would be logging in and out of work at very specific times, or sending out a reminder email that contains the exact same message every single time. Unattended bots are great for when there is no deviation expected in the task.

On the other hand, automation works with the help of the user who clicks a button or two. The attended bot is ideal for repetitive tasks that have a few factors which may change. Take for instance revising an excel tracker or report: while the categories and most of the information stay the same, there will be bits of data that need to be updated for the report to be accurate. Attended bots are also great for extracting data, pasting it onto an email, and sending it out to your stakeholders in just a click.

They can also be used to create a dashboard and copy the information to your next PowerPoint deck so you’re prepared for your weekly business report- and with a bit more time to spare.

No-code automation can drastically change the way you work and the way you manage your time.

What’s next?

In this day and age, doing just enough doesn’t cut it anymore. We don’t want to simply meet customer expectation, we want to exceed it, and we can reach that goal easily through the use of no-code automation. It is understandable that many people still feel uncertain about the technology, and it’s mostly because we think it’s too complex to learn. With the right no-code platforms, however, we can help you build user-friendly software that will help your team power through their workday with ease.

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