How No Code and Low Code Platforms Are Helping Businesses Get Through A Pandemic

It’s been more than half a year since lockdowns and stricter health regulations have taken place to minimize the spread of the pandemic. As bankruptcy is on the rise, more businesses are struggling to get back on track without their original work capacities in order. Several employees now have to work from home, and those that do need to show up on-site are required to observe tedious processes to ensure social distancing and overall safety.

In all of this, the no-code and low code space have been crucial in helping many businesses and industries remain afloat. Because both startups and corporations have had to rely on technology in ways that weren’t warranted pre-covid, platforms like and Amazon Honeycode are even more robust go-to solutions today for business leaders and employers.

How No Code and Low Code are rising in a pandemic

While government orders encourage people to stay at home, establishments and offices are slowly starting to reopen; with many businesses shifting to the digital space to carry on. Fortunately, the number of citizen developers are increasing, therefore lessening the workload that once belonged solely to IT departments and organizations.

Let’s go over select web applications that are born out of no-code and low code platforms. Designed to improve the way you work in today’s new normal, here are apps you may find useful for your business:


Quixy understands that while business security is critical, it isn’t the number one concern business leaders face today. The novel coronavirus is a health problem. For this reason, the health and safety of the very people who comprise a business are what’s on the line. Ultimately, it is the people’s welfare that should be taken care of the most. 

That said, Quixy is extending its enterprise-grade no-code platform for free. Integrated with control center apps, entrepreneurs will be able to monitor their employee’s safety and productivity with ease. What’s more, the popular no-code brand also provides easy access to technology dealing with contact tracing, e-passes, and coronavirus self-assessments, among others. Alongside Quixy’s dynamic customer service team, both managers and staff members will find that working remotely shouldn’t be a challenging feat.


A lot is going on with our friends at OutSystems. A believer in the cruciality of a global community, OutSystems is accommodating 20 startup pitch ideas for free to further our fight with coronavirus. Offering access to the brand’s software services at no cost at all; the only catch here is that you must come up with a product that helps combat the virus.


As one of the most charitable forces in no code today, Pega is putting their scalable technology to better use.

Explained articulately on their website, the tech company writes, “In March 2020, Pega worked with a major healthcare company – one with over 200,000 employees and care providers – to deploy an emergency response app built on Pega Platform™. The app enables the healthcare organization to track and manage the health, safety, and availability of its entire workforce.”

“Inspired by this work and its meaningful impact for millions of people, the Pega team built COVID-19 Employee Safety and Business Continuity Tracker to be available on the Pega Marketplace for Pega Platform™ clients at no charge.”

Additionally, Pega shares that their clientele hotlines will be available to those to assist their customers in these trying times further.

Without going into specifics, the apps they helped craft for covid efforts include employee health screening initiatives, employee readiness surveys, workplace safety management, and workplace PPE management.

Quick Base

In the last decade, no time has been more financially pressing for small businesses until today. Precisely because of this, Quick Base has established a system that automatically determines if an organization is eligible for certain loans. Doing so lessens the paperwork entrepreneurs have to fill out, hastening the entire loan application process as is.

One of the most sought after tech agencies in all of Florida, is using this time to help keep track of the pandemic’s spread. Among a steady roster of clients, the tech startup is currently in the business of creating covid survey apps for two different healthcare enterprises. With America topping the list with the most active covid cases, covid surveys can never be undermined.

Why No Code

If you’re an aspiring startup founder or a creative looking to actualize a business, don’t let the reality of coronavirus sidetrack you from pursuing your goals. It’s going to take a long while before the globe fully recovers from the damages of the present health scare. The best way to move forward is to move forward, nonetheless.

No code platforms like are stellar solutions to digitizing your business, and we’ll be right here to help you with all that you need.

If you have ideas you’d like to discuss or an app you wish to create, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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