How Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Is Affecting Startups and Businesses –

Not too long ago, Facebook founder and tech trailblazer Mark Zuckerberg revealed his plans of expanding his already diverse ownerships. Metaverse, as he calls it, will be an experience straight from sci-fi films.

Similar to Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, Metaverse is a digital space made up of internet versions of places, things, and yes—you guessed it—people. Simply put, Metaverse is a cyberspace consisting of digital representations of virtually any human being, thing or even physical space.

Metaphorically, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are, in their own rights, unofficial versions of what Metaverse can be; you can find yourself in “rooms” and be represented by an avatar, a static picture, or by yourself through a live video feed.

Think of it as virtual reality without always having to wear VR headsets.

Furthermore, Metaverse will exist for a number of initiatives: training, get-togethers, meetings, and other would-be in-person activities. If you think about it, the Zuckerberg-led project can be beneficial to entrepreneurs and business leaders as it helps “transport” geographically distant talents into a singular location. While there is no shortage of backlash on the product, it bears mentioning that Metaverse is completely immersive, allowing visionaries and decision-makers to curate unique and special experiences.

But how does Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse impact businesses?

Firstly, the idea of bringing online what’s designed for physical encounters helps expand how brands and businesses reach their target markets. Let’s go over a few examples!

Event sponsorships — it isn’t uncommon for brands to sponsor events. Whether the playing of sports or the next broadway must-see, event sponsors exist as a means to better brand awareness, if not retention. As such, you can expect a rise in sponsorships when Metaverse releases live, virtual concerts, and conferences. In other words, brands will now be able to put up virtual banners, signages, and posters wherever they deem fit.

Digital things — when you live in a digital world, you’re going to want digital things. That said, imagine the many web-first products brands can sell that exist only in the Metaverse. The list is endless. From homes and cars to outfits and appliances, the Metaverse will be an experience that warrants consumption.

Remote work — from meetings to co-working spaces, expect remote work to exist in the Metaverse too. As a matter of fact, Facebook’s Horizon Workrooms already exist to fill that gap. Whereas Zoom and Microsoft Teams only allow users to see each other via webcams, the Metaverse version of the two lets users experience a virtual office setup through VR headsets.

Games — it’s impossible to think about Metaverse without considering games. After all, VR headsets alone already accommodate this sector incredibly well. A quick Google search will reveal thousands of games anyone can play with the gear. That said, expect that list to grow once Metaverse is in full force.

Manufacturing — soon enough, we’ll hear stories of entrepreneurs monitoring processes in real-time via the Metaverse. Activities like quality control, training, and other similar manufacturing necessities can be executed through digital models of actual warehouses, storage rooms, and depots.

What’s next for business leaders and entrepreneurs?

As Zuckerberg prepares to actualize some of his biggest ambitions yet, it’s important that leaders today start future-proofing their ventures. From making effective use of no-code tools to studying how else the digital space can impact industries and businesses, looking out for trends can be helpful.

Remember: the future doesn’t come all at once—it comes one day at a time.

That said, it’s imperative that leaders figure out what gaps they can bridge using what resources. Technology has never been better and more advanced until today. What’s more, it’s critical that brands and businesses invest and maximize apps and programs that don’t only help them gain profit but allow staff members to hone their talents and expand their technical skill sets.

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