How Company Culture Assessments Can Help Your Business

If you’re an entrepreneur who runs a mid-sized startup, you understand, first-hand, how people management can be a draining aspect of managing a business. While making sure that the products and services you put out are consistently top-notch, it can be an equally taxing experience to keep leading a pack.

This is why leadership doesn’t only call for wisdom but compassion, empathy, and heart too.

What’s more, it’s also an integral thing to remember how the dynamics of an organization’s team members help dictate how company culture turns out. No matter how awesome of a marketing team you employ, branding will always start from within. In other words, your staff members are your company’s very own ambassadors.

 As such, it’s crucial that business leaders and managers regularly run company culture assessments in their respective organizations to ensure that every employee concern is accounted for. Remember: the more inclusive your company is, the easier it will be for your employees to function at their most optimum.

Here are a few assessment questions you can ask your personnel to answer:

What are your thoughts on your current workload in respect to your position?

One of the reasons the Great Resignation is taking place today is because of how unfairly burdensome workload can be to millions of employees. Whether it’s having to do something that isn’t part of their original job description or it’s carrying another underperforming employee’s workload, ensuring that your team members aren’t overworked is critical to sustaining a healthy workplace.

Listen to what your staff thinks about the extent of what they do and determine if it is absolutely necessary to have another member on board to help them out with existing tasks.

In your everyday tasks, what processes do you wish were simpler?

In the age of the internet, complex and tedious manual work should be considered criminal—especially if there are digital solutions that hasten physically laborious legwork. Even then, ascertain from your employees if there are processes that take more time than necessary.

Whether it’s organizing orders and monitoring inventory or encoding invoice numbers and tracking payroll accuracies, there are now thousands of ways to streamline tasks. No-code tools, for example, have only made work much, much easier for both professionals and creatives alike. Integromat, AirTable, Mailchimp, Bubble, and even SquareSpace are all popular solutions that help make work easier without having to manually write a single line of code at all. 

How would you describe your work dynamics with your immediate supervisor?

One of the most important relationships in the workplace that calls for healthy fostering is the one employees share with their immediate supervisors. The internet deprives us of no shortage of stories of professionals who claim that they enjoyed what they did at work but could not stand their bosses.

To keep running a healthy work environment, it’s important that staff members feel comfortable enough to open up to their leaders for concerns, questions, and suggestions. That said, ensuring that this part of the job isn’t a burden to an employee can go a long way both for companies and the actual workforce.

How would you describe the company’s management principles and styles?

One of the most definitive aspects of company branding is its leadership style. How businesses treat their employees—from the benefits they receive to the kind of language they’re spoken with—helps determine an enterprise’s turnover rate.

There are far too many stories involving huge corporations and well-known startups that abuse and exploit their workers. As a business leader, it is your obligation to service not only your target market but the very people who help you do that, as well.

Without your workforce, your business isn’t going anywhere, and the sooner companies acknowledge that, the easier it will be for workers to fully support the employers they work for.

What practices would you improve in the organization?

Every company should be open to feedback. Hence, the need to ask team members what things need working on can be helpful. From free coffee and extended lunch hours to work-from-home arrangements and increased bonuses, there are a plethora of things that will definitely improve how employees view work and your business—and as an entrepreneur, it should be in your best interest to listen to them all.

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