How a Custom App Can Help Your Dentist Office

Mobile and web applications have been critical extensions of the human existence pre-pandemic. But as we continue to brave our virus-stricken planet, our mobile devices have become even more crucial pieces for survival.

The development of healthcare applications has inflated in recent months. Whether it’s for contact tracing efforts or the need to connect to health professionals conveniently, healthcare applications make expert medical attention a tad more accessible to a broader market. Now that we’re encouraged to stay home longer than usual, you can bet people are twice as likely to be glued to their phones. But don’t take our word for it—an earlier report noted that in the Springtime alone, 32% of users visited social media more, while video calling data has surpassed the 220% mark.

These data can mean many things to many people, but if you’re a dentist, take this as a sign to build an app! The dental practice, like many enterprises, is a business. And to remain relevant and successful, you’re going to want to explore spaces and mediums that people patronize.

Here are the leading reasons why dentists should consider app development


Mobile and web applications make it easier for patients to go through the information they need quickly. Should your patients want to access records and medical prescriptions, they can do so immediately without problems. But web apps don’t only benefit your users. Because you can send push notifications and updates about your clinic hours, services, and promos, reaching out to your market shouldn’t be a problem.

All in a snap of your fingers, you can automatically notify both your prospects and patients at ease.

Patient Feedback

Although dental visits are fundamentally medical encounters, it’s best to remember that our patients are still paying customers. At the end of the day, similar to any retail shop, cafe, restaurant, or shopping mall, they can always transfer elsewhere. That being the case, you want to make sure that your patients are given the freedom and space to discuss how they find your clinic’s services and performance. When you run a mobile or web app for your dental business, you can encourage your users to leave a review.

The more positive these bits of feedback are, the better it will be for you to market your dental business.

Customer Service

What’s fantastic about business apps is that your customers—er, patients in this context—can easily communicate with you. That means if they want to schedule an appointment, purchase medicine or dental products, or consult with you, they can effortlessly reach out to your clinic. Whether you assign a community manager to reply to queries or allow Artificial Intelligence to do its job is up to you. The primary point here is that the capacity to engage with your patients in real-time is a valuable asset.

Not only do you humanize your business when you’re able to respond to prospects and patients promptly, but you nurture your relationship with your customers, too.

Market data

Founders and entrepreneurs will kill for accurate data. Considering how much more information-reliant we all are today, nothing can replace the insight you get from your existing customer base. From reviews to service preferences and scheduling trends to product consumptions, there’s never a bad day to decipher the data you’re presented with.

Access to this information also makes it a lot simpler for the entrepreneur in you to predict sales, promos, and creative initiatives.

Foster a culture

Part of what makes a business a successful project is a founder’s ability to turn their business into a brand. As a result, producing content your patients will enjoy only do you good. Whether short-form blogs or snippets of video content, providing material for your market should attract more customers.

I’m a dentist, not an app developer

What if we told you that you no longer had to spend hundreds of hours trying to learn programming languages to come up with software you love?

That’s right.

Gone are the days when only traditional computer engineers and coders could whip up mobile applications. Thanks to no-code providers like, virtually anyone from everywhere can start building applications—and that includes you!

Because no-code platforms utilize visual programming, citizen developers can simply drag and drop plug-ins and blocks to build the apps they wish to make from scratch. No-code platforms like Bubble lets you create stunning, dynamic, and multi-user apps for mobile web browsers and desktops, including every feature and functionality needed and found in websites like Twitter or healthcare app, Medici. 

What now?

Although No-Code is generally learnable, it can take a good chunk of your time to explore and get the feel of things. But that’s alright! That’s why we’re here.

Trust us: building an app doesn’t have to be as complicated as fixing a smile. If you have startup ideas you’d like to talk about or app initiatives you want to discuss, call us, and we’re all ears!

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