Explaining Bubble to Your Investors

First impressions are everything when meeting people, especially when those you’re about to shake hands with can fund your startup. Like evolving studies surrounding the pandemic vaccine, there’s a lot of science that goes behind pitching to investors, and you’re going to need more than a few episodes of Shark Tank to pull it off.

If you’re about to meet investors about an MVP you’re building with bubble.io, here are a few reminders:

Don’t be too optimistic with too much equity — while it can be tempting to give investors a tasty percentage of your company in exchange for more significant funding, it won’t be worth it. As your business expands, you may need to give away more of your company to raise additional rounds. Everyone deserves a slice of the cake, but giving away more than one-third of it too soon is too much.

Know your figures — you’re going to impress your investors when you know every single figure like the back of your hand. From financial projections to market percentages, every number counts. Still, it’s critical that you crunch those digits with a well-told tale. Numbers move industries, but emotions shape them. Balance being a storyteller and being an accountant.

The power of no-code

Since the advent of no-code, visual programming has empowered non-coding professionals and creatives to take on promising tech projects. Gone are the days when only engineers and computer experts could confidently develop software for everyone to enjoy. Case in point, bubble.io has been a powerful force for citizen developers. It allows you to build engaging and dynamic multi-user apps for both desktop and mobile web browsers, with some users effectively being able to wrap Bubble websites as native apps through third-party tools. 

Whereas conventional programming languages make you work with data models, servers, HTML templating, and more, Bubble lets you develop your software through clicks and not code. The platform’s visual editor is easy to navigate around, too, allowing you to apply high-level concepts such as “send an email,” “show this button,” and “turn this font color blue.”

Additionally, one of Bubble’s best selling points is its being open-ended. Similar to software built with traditional programming languages, the possibilities of the apps you can create on the platform are endless—from real-time voting apps to turn-based storytelling games and from video-sharing social networks to a craigslist-inspired marketplace, you can make virtually anything imaginable through bubble.io!

Why Bubble is the best

The no-code space is expanding, but to anyone looking for a superb drag-and-drop user interface, bubble.io takes the cake. It’s easy to use, incredibly reliable, and has a growing list of positive feedback from its users. When it comes to how functional the platform is, here are a few more points you can emphasize to your investors:

Bubble is powerful.

Bubble is a reliable visual programming platform, able to build scalable and fully operational apps. What’s more, it’s extensible via APIs and Javascript plugins. This means you can develop premium software designed for mass consumption in no time.

Bubble allows you to launch sooner.

Unlike traditional programming, you won’t have to wait for months on end to launch. You can translate a design and a concept in as quickly as a week if not less than! bubble.io is the perfect platform for MVPs, too. 

Bubble allows you to save money and time.

Because Bubble doesn’t involve writing code at all, developing web apps is quicker. Visual programming allows users to operate using blocks they can drag and drop, and automatically, the results will be seamless. Whereas traditional programming can take months, developing software with Bubble is much, much faster. As a result, expenses become much, much lower, as well. The shorter the production time, the less financing you’ll need to accomplish something.

Bubble allows you to Iterate faster.

Whether you work with developers or spearhead a tech project by yourself, iterating is easy with Bubble because changes can be made in seconds. You don’t have to wait for hours for whatever you alter to take effect, too. This means experimenting with MVPs and adjusting your web app’s bells and whistles is more straightforward, too.

Bubble is easy to use.

Working with teams of developers can be a budget strain, especially when projects take months to complete. Although you’re still very free to hire talent with Bubble, the platform allows you to take on web app efforts by yourself! Bubble has numerous tutorial videos available at your dispense, and you can also refer to the platform’s dynamic community for questions and conversations about your project.

Closing the deal

Overall, it’s not difficult to impress anyone when you have a platform as celebrated and as robust as Bubble. Blow your investors away with the heart of your startup idea, knowing full well that no-code can realize your vision. It also doesn’t hurt that Bubble has an ecosystem of agencies and collaborators providing professional tech services, including app development and training.

Have software ideas you’d like to discuss? Give us a call, and we’ll make it happen!

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