AI-Related Startup Ideas for The Modern Entrepreneur

There is an overwhelming demand for new apps. Thanks to the rise of improved AI technologies and the growing mainstream popularity of No-Code, niches from every industry are clamouring for their own slice of innovation. Today’s statistics tell us that the number of businesses exploring app development ventures is rising. As more citizen developers are deeply involved in creating digital solutions for the modern consumer, it makes perfect sense why numerous entrepreneurs are starting to step into the AI space to realize enterprise visions.

Here are promising AI-related startup ideas you can explore!

Home Automation

Home automation is slowly making its way to more homes in the next decade. At the rate of how things are going, a study predicts that it’s only a matter of time before the home automation industry surpasses the $100 billion mark.

Although forerunners like Google, Apple, and Amazon continue to lead the pack, startups designed to complement home management continue to increase, as well. As only a few luxury homes are entirely computer-run, the room for improvement is vast, and several submarkets remain untapped. That said, any tech-savvy business person with solutions that silence unexplored problems is welcome. 

Furthermore, the concept of being able to control, check, and secure one’s home despite being miles and continents away flies even more today. A few taps on our smartphones have allowed us to control many things. Home automation infused with inventive AI only amplifies that.

Are there any inconveniences at home you feel you have solutions for? You may want to start actualizing your ideas at today. 


Now more than ever, the urgency to develop tons more AI-integrated healthcare apps is evident. With a pandemic that’s still widely uncontained in numerous countries, the capacity to reach a doctor and have one’s self-checked and monitored is but a dreamy privilege to many.

When AI is carefully and effectively integrated with healthcare technologies, the job of doctors and science experts is simplified tenfold. Not only does it benefit people who need immediate medical attention, but it also allows healthcare workers to expand the number of people they can accommodate, too.

Additionally, AI pieces of machinery are a stellar remedy to help doctors track the deterioration of patients, which, in turn, helps prevent the need to hospitalize people. When science like this is fostered in such a way that’s focused on the welfare of humans, life expectancy is improved.

At its core, there are a lot more areas AI can better in the healthcare sector. That being the case, building a well-thought-of medical AI startup will always be warranted.


Marketing is a necessary beast when it comes to businesses. But it’s often one of the most challenging and draining departments to be part of, too. Not only does it call for a lot of time and resources, it demands patience, perseverance, and grit, as well. All in all, when marketers successfully capture the attention of their audience, their share of pocket should ensue not long after.

As consumer trends can be unpredictable and laborious to study, AI-driven systems can definitely up the game for entrepreneurs and startup founders. Aside from being able to focus on marketing efforts that require more attention, referring to analytics you can trust is crucial to ensure the next business steps. As a result, this gives future business people the chance to determine what their baseline performance guarantee is—this, in itself, is already such a definite competitive advantage. 


It’s safe to say that our methods of speaking, writing, understanding, and searching have expanded since the irreversible advent of Artificial Intelligence tools. That being mentioned, AI-reliant apps made to augment further research has also increased. Whether you’re thinking of servicing data scientists, IT interns, or incoming high school students, AI startup apps should quickly help scholars and members of the academe find the solutions they need by examining every nook and cranny the World Wide Web has to offer.


They say that the media is the fourth estate. And given how essential a news person’s role in society is, we’re going to need more facts-driven professionals to help educate the informed public. As many of us already know, journalism demands being aware of current events. To gather data and the statements of multiple sources, a media entity will need a good number of respondents to deliver fresh, newsworthy discoveries and updates.

When media practitioners infuse AI technologies with what they do at present, the gathering of news can be hastened. Entrepreneurs can explore the idea of developing an app that can auto-generate a report by merely optimizing the crucial details of a story. And because speech technology is a lot better today, a reporter can effortlessly record a voice memo or two and review bits and pieces of his or her news article a little later.

You’re one no-code app away from building your startup.

Despite the many tragic events 2020’s pandemic has brought upon the world, it’s also given birth to a lot of business opportunities—and AI-integrated startup apps are definitely some of them.

If you haven’t yet, signing up with no-code provider can be a promising start to building your dream app. Through Bubble’s drag-and-drop tools, creating the software you have in your head should be a piece of cake.

We’d love to hear what tech startups you have in mind! Talk to us, and let’s make it come true. 

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