8 Startup Ideas for 2021

We’re only a few days away from 2021, and as industries continue to shift business tides into new shores, it’s only right for us to begin discussing which ideas best make sense to explore in the new normal. Although many enterprise types remain the same in essence, it’s only fair to say that how we go about consumerism today has drastically evolved.

Here are the top 8 startup ideas for 2021

E-Commerce platform for startups

Thanks to government-imposed lockdowns and social distancing initiatives, shopping has changed forever. While online consumerism has long been a mainstream success for modern customers, quarantine has heightened the figures all the more.

Evidently, Amazon still leads the pack. Although it isn’t remotely impossible to develop a platform similar to the Bezo-owned enterprise, entrepreneurs will find it much more promising to invest in delivery and shipping services first. With the right marketing strategies, small businesses can manage digital sales on their own. Furthermore, less established distributors are growing in number and massively drawing interest from the end-market. Anyone looking to maximize internet-led businesses should find this space enticing.

Internet assistant integrations

Many leaders benefit from employing assistants because they help keep their meetings and to-do lists in order. But in today’s context, a good chunk of what traditional assistants are designed to do can now be performed by Artificial Intelligence. Fortunately, there is no shortage of developers who specialize in integrating AI into existing business software types.

Additionally, engaging with an AI assistant via voice or smartphone command can definitely improve the way you approach work. For tech-savvy business people looking to build a brand, this is a concept that’s worthy of exploration.

Chatbox developers

As startups and small businesses continue to grow, a dedicated customer service team’s employment may not always be immediately feasible. Still, the capacity to reply to inquirers and reach out to customers is one that shouldn’t take the backseat. As such, chat boxes are a terrific way to cultivate a pleasant customer experience while on the road to scaling.

There are numerous advantages to utilizing chat boxes, and two of which are customization and timeliness—both critical factors to expanding a customer base.

Social media platform

You may not be the next Mark Zuckerberg, but the idea of entering the social media industry as a game player shouldn’t sound absurd either. Every sector has household giants, so don’t let the fear of playing with the big boys get to you.

If you’re especially acquainted with particular communities and the trends they adhere to, developing a social media brand may be your ticket to a thriving business. Note that the leading social media platforms the world celebrates today didn’t start as global companies. In other words, it may seem daunting to dream of creating something as grand as Facebook. Still, you don’t have to develop anything as remotely complicated as the California-based corporation.

Carve out a niche audience and find like-minded people who are looking to expand their network. Remember that niche markets are markets nonetheless, and where there’s demand, there’s room for profit. What’s more, no-code platforms like bubble.io make it easier to whip social media platforms without needing to code!

Online fitness coaching

While gyms will always be an integral aspect of the fitness industry, more people are turning to online coaching for their fitness needs. And because the importance of staying strong, healthy, and active is all the more apparent today, you can rest assured that the demand for personal coaches will only increase in the coming months.

If you’re one who specializes in working out, yoga, aerobics, or activities related to shedding off extra pounds, this business idea may be for you.

Food delivery services and e-restaurants

Online food delivery services aren’t going away any time soon, so you may want to check out how else you can contribute to the food delivery industry. In the last five years alone, there’s been a dramatic change in the food and beverage scene in that people are finding comfort in being able to order food at home in the snap of a finger.

So whether you run transportation services or lead a food business, getting into the on-demand food delivery industry can be an exciting thing to look into. Depending on where your location is, there’s bound to be a gap in the market, so capitalize on the weakness of leading competition. Be creative and rest in the fact that food is the only commodity people will spend on no matter what the season and business climate.

Online alcohol platform

The alcohol industry will stay strong and undisputed. For as long as people want to unwind and take a break from the stresses of life, a good drink will always be top of mind. As a result, entrepreneurs may want to bank on how not too many bars are open at the moment. Given present circumstances, it may take a while for the nightlife scene to resume to normal.

Even then, the opportunity to order and have delivered straight to their doorsteps, both commercial and exclusive liquor is a prestige many will want to pay for. Those with good relationships with wine brands, beers, and similar commodities may find this pitch worthwhile.

Social media management

The marketing industry is saturated, but it’s never too late to get your own slice of the pie, especially when you’re one with a vast circle of business owners.

You can begin by managing your clients’ social media by yourself at first, but the more you acquire leads, you’ll have to employ a team to help you out. What’s great about social media management businesses is that overhead expenses are minimal, and there aren’t overwhelming fees you’ll have to shell out on-hand aside from a few social media subscriptions.

Those who are natural wordsmiths and talented designers may want to give this a try.


Overall, the new normal calls for businesses that help add value to our re-designed lifestyles. Bubble is the perfect no-code platform that can aid any visionary with the company they want to build.

With dynamic and profitable software citizen developers can complete in a matter of weeks, your idea is only one web app away from becoming a reality.

Do you have startup ideas you’d like to discuss? Give us a call, and we’ll make it happen!

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