5 Steps To Building A Profitable Online Business in 2021

These days, it’s all about taking a leap of faith. In the midst of growing uncertainty brought about by the novel coronavirus, it is crucial that leaders from all sectors soldier on in the smartest and safest way possible. That mentioned, for one to succeed in an online startup, there is an established sequence of steps any entrepreneur can pattern after to guarantee steady results, if not skyrocketing sales!

Anyone’s game can be different, but business visionaries who establish the following foundations excel the most:

  1. Identify a demand and commodify a terrific solution.
  2. Prioritize award-winning copy.
  3. Use a No-Code platform to design and build your site.
  4. Work on your professional credibility.
  5.  Market like there’s no tomorrow.

Let’s go into detail!

Step 1: Identify a demand and commodify a terrific solution.

Most people make the classic mistake of putting out a product first before identifying a market. To better your chances of victory, begin with establishing a market and not otherwise. The trick is to start by pooling people who share your sentiments but have not found satisfactory solutions yet. Thankfully, we live in the era of the internet, so researching is easy:

Check out online forums and find out what problems people are trying to solve. Reddit is the perfect source for conversations like these.

Researching trending keywords in your specific industry helps, too.

Furthermore, find out what your potential contemporaries are doing and see if you can provide what they do better. If not, emulate their best practices and grow from there.

Step 2: never underestimate terrific copy.

Your brand’s writing has an elemental aspect in how your customers perceive your offerings. As such, it is integral that you write copy that sells. Different wordsmiths will extend various tips and tricks to make sure copy translates into sales. Consider this formula:

— develop a compelling headline.

— talk about the problem or concern your product takes care of.

— explain why your business or brand is a credible problem-solver.

— supplement your products with testimonials.

— discuss the problem either in detail and list your product’s benefits.

— extend an offer.

— ensure your customer they’re getting their money’s worth.

— explain why they need your product NOW.

— invite them to purchase.

And because copywriting is mostly about trying to close deals and make a sale, your ultimate goal is to keep emphasizing what your customer is getting, as if consistently answering the question, “what’s in it for me?” After all, this is what sells a product—when a customer understands the advantages and benefits they get from transacting with you.

Step 3: turn to no-code platforms to build a web app or a website.

No online store will thrive without a web app or a website. While social media accounts are terrific mediums to reach out to customers, it is an app or site that legitimizes your business.

Various businesses call for various types of virtual homes. Commerce-heavy ventures will benefit most from SEO-friendly websites, while service-based businesses benefit most from responsive web apps. Thankfully, these are no longer tedious to make. No-code platforms like bubble.io simplify the app development process, empowering non-coders to take on tech projects.

From enterprise apps and startup apps to marketplaces and rapid app prototyping, the sky’s the limit to what you can create on Bubble.

Turning to no-code providers to establish your ideas is also a surefire way to build a brand without splurging insane amounts of money. This is especially true to visionaries who wish to create intangible products, like social media platforms, streaming hubs, or marketplaces. In other words, if your business ideas rely on harnessing the web’s powers, visual programming tools are definitely what you should look into. 

Step 4: Establish your credibility.

One of the biggest hurdles any startup or small business can encounter is having to prove themselves worthy to compete with the big guys. That mentioned, one’s credibility is critical in helping customers arrive at a conclusion.

Albeit time and tenure are components to one’s prominence and wisdom, there are other routes anyone can take to ensure customers that they’re getting their money’s worth from a brand that understands and delivers.

Several strategies bear mentioning, but proven ways to help win prospects are by producing good content and supplementing a customer’s buyer journey with tips and guides to ensure they get to maximize their budgets. Write blogs, creative explainer videos, and produce podcasts. These are all stellar platforms that allow you or your business to shine and display what you know.

What’s more, take the time to reply to your customers and engage with them. How you appear and approach your consumers as a founder or leader speaks volumes. Be wise, careful, intentional, and cautious when transacting with others.

Step 5: Study your marketing game.

At the end of the day, how you market your products spells the difference between moderate success and groundbreaking victory. Remember: business isn’t always about putting out the best products—it’s about fostering meaningful connections enough to build a community that believes in you and your product.

Keep researching what marketing methods you can take and make every effort to update and thrive in social media. These are beats you’ll want to conquer to ensure cohesive branding and beyond.

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