3 Things To Consider When Pitching To Investors

You have a great idea brewing and want to make it happen. But where do you start getting investors to sign substantial checks for your plans to take flight? With an ocean of competition vying for every deep pocket, you have your work cut out for you if you think that a brilliant business idea is all it takes.

Luckily, innovative tools like no-code can be wielded to your advantage and turn your little spark into a full-on fireworks display for potential investors – you just have to hit the marks on the mental checklist that decides whether or not they’d back up your project.

To get you one step closer to that goal, here’s a peek at the items most investors look for in a business pitch and how no-code app-builders can be useful to you:

A Well-founded Business Model

A concrete roadmap to your entrepreneurial success can ease the risk factor you pose as a fresh endeavor. By plotting each step meticulously and realistically, you’re showing your future backers that you’re not here to play and that you mean, well – business.

Uncomplicated no-code app building can make planning such complex ideas with different elements as easy as drawing out a mindmap on a piece of paper, only better as they are easily shifted around and automated to make the processes like managing team workflows more efficient.

The best part is that anyone can use them as these tools don’t need users to know any level of coding. Its user-friendly interface can guide you through the basics of app creation without needing a line of code. With the help of visually sectioning and detailing the specifics of your business processes, item or service descriptions and their inclusions, as well as a stable plan to return their investments.

By wrapping it all up in a pretty package with all the loose ends tucked in all the right places, you have a better chance of convincing investors that you’re worth a shot.

Competitive Edge

With the market getting denser by the day, it’s getting harder to stand out and be unique. So what investors would want to know is what makes you different from the multitude of artists, coffee shops, or whatever niche you’re aiming to pierce through.

No-code tools swoop in this area of your business plan by providing backdrops for your brand to shine through with the use of responsive desktop and mobile apps. Through imaginative and original branding styles and marketing strategies, you can build a convincing argument for how your business can withstand the aggressive competition in your industry and stand a head taller than the rest.

Social Footprint

The battlefield for commerce has evolved with the times and has now shifted to the internet where social media is king. Therefore, to effectively stay relevant to your market, you should also include your social media journey in your business model to assure potential shareholders that you’ve covered all your bases and future-proofed their investment.

Utilizing out-of-the-box features of no-code app builders like Bubble can help make and use your apps with ease. An aesthetic and carefully planned interface can be as easy as picking pre-made templates or dragging and dropping functions that add value to your app.

Why is launching your MVP the best time for your business?

The best time for you to go live, or to open your business to the public is when you’ve reached your minimum viable product (MVP).

A minimum viable product is when your brand is operating at its barest capacity but has enough meat in the bones to function and deliver brand goals.

  • More efficient use of your time, energy, and resources

If it’s your first time dabbling in business or your first in a particular industry, it’s smarter to test the waters before jumping head-on. To make better use of your time, energy, and resources, it’s wiser to get the backbones of your business model setup and have the important aspects in place before investing all of them in one blind tackle.

Your no-code tools can be of use in this area by creating structures and systematic workflows that can be shared and edited across team members working on the same projects so everyone is aware of the progress or the lack thereof. Communication can also be made easier through messaging or annotation features.

  • Get initial traffic started early

With all the important facets of your operations in place, running on MVP also gets you initial traction from your target market while some of the less forefront of your backend tasks are still in progress.

Because no-code apps built on Bubble and similar platforms provide engagement data, you and your team will have a better idea of what works and what needs to be amended in both your internal and external output.

  • Acquire feedback to get better results

Collecting the data and using it to analyze your next moves can be your game-changer before launching with everything you’ve got and pushing your brand into a bigger market. Not only that, you’re getting direct feedback and reactions from your users and potential customers which gives you an edge on how you can fit into their stipulations which, in the end, translates to bigger sales.

What’s Next?

In what feels like the olden times, setting up your dream business might take years and a fortune that takes even more time to acquire. However, with avant-garde mediums like no-code tools that have shorter learning curves and require no technical knowledge to operate, it can now be done in a shorter span of time and with less blood and sweat involved.

With easy-to-use no-code platforms, the entire process of taking the pieces and putting them together to start your business idea is at arm’s length. To make it even better, professional no-code app builders are just as accessible for your more intricate app objectives.

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