Workplace Trends in 2022

The pandemic isn’t miraculously disappearing any time in the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t learned to adapt. As the rest of the globe is starting to recover from the onslaught of the virus scare, data is one again, forming how the next couple of months will look like for many of us.

In the workplace context, hybrid arrangements will remain. The ability to let professionals and teams work remotely yet stay productive and on track with deliverables has proven effective thus far. While there are pros and cons to working onsite, studies say that letting teams function from the comforts of their own spaces for days of the week has shown promising results.

Still, there are so many more 2022 trends that beg to be written about. Precisely why for this article, we’re taking a look at the 3 most forecasted practices to look out for in the workplace!

Artificial Intelligence

Conversations surrounding AI aren’t new, but a study suggests that automation and AI will help create nearly a hundred million new jobs in the next 4 years or so. Interestingly, the same study predicts that many employed professionals today will find their roles evolve as these positions may gravitate towards supporting AI-driven strategies.

Fundamentally, AI is slated to get rid of repetitive everyday tasks, allowing modern workers to focus only on high-stake activities that warrant human sensitivity. Terrific examples in this space are doctors who will turn to digitized solutions that will help them evaluate medical records and files and lawyers who will optimize new technology to help them reduce paperwork and having to review cases.

In the retail sector, AI is expected to streamline logistics and inventory even more efficiently in the coming years. Furthermore, this technology is also forecasted to improve how e-commerce efforts are executed as personalized product suggestions will play an even bigger picture to providers and manufacturers.

Naturally, one of the biggest winners in this department is the marketing space. As AI is only bound to become smarter, marketers can leverage even more tools to their advantage. And with the rise of no-code platforms in the mix, targeting markets and creating tighter, more customized campaigns will only be more effective.

Resilient personnel

Before coronavirus enveloped the earth, it was a common practice to employ an ample number of workers, sufficient enough to get work done. Today, the focus has shifted greatly in establishing a workforce flexible enough to be resilient.

As people are more vocal about businesses putting a premium on employee healthcare, corporations and startups alike are beginning to put the spotlight on wellbeing initiatives for their staff members.

That said, maintaining a healthy, respectful, and diverse workplace has been a top priority to leading companies; with brands and businesses now looking into benefits such as extended parental leaves, acknowledged mental health breaks, and financial aid.

Skill-focused roles

In one of their reports, Gartner writes that, for a workforce to thrive in the post-pandemic world, businesses will have to focus less on roles and more on expanding skill sets. Whereas many job titles only zoom in on grouping unrelated skills, focusing on the kind of skill sets a business may need the most may be the brighter strategy.

Skills are crucial because they allow businesses to keep ongoing. As it is a team’s collective skill set that addresses core challenges, continuing to train employees and ensuring they’re able enough to bridge gaps and think outside of the box is important in a mid-pandemic world.

Because roles only describe a person’s relationship with other staff members in an organization, Gartner is encouraging business leaders to re-think their approach to company hierarchies. From an employee’s standpoint, focusing on skill set expansion allows them to better position themselves in the opportunity equation. Whereas the idea of carrying out a job title can feel daunting and uninspiring, teaching the members of your workforce to become even more imaginative and efficient problem-solvers allows them to shine the most.

In other words, while promotions and roles are still key to executing a trusty company structure, the premium placed on quality training is a lot more evident today.

What’s Next?

In an ever-evolving business landscape, it is critical that leaders and workers alike collaborate healthily.

All things considered, progress can only ever materialize in modern businesses should they be efficient in maximizing the resources technology affords them today. From project management apps to robust e-commerce web applications, cloud-first solutions are taking center stage, and there is no changing that reality.

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