Why Your Business Needs A Web App and How No-Code App Builders Can Help

The pandemic has only caused a surge in internet usage. The growth of the digital space was inevitable to start with, but with social distancing measures and the apparent absence of in-person gatherings worldwide, people have had no choice but to harness the powers of the web.

For this very reason, we’re developing more apps than ever. And thanks to no-code app builders, it’s never been easier and more feasible.

Whether you run a business or manage a team, building your application holds a lot of weight. Web apps, specifically, have been extra useful in times like these. They’re built on powerful web technology, require no installations, and are much faster to develop.

The power of no-code app builders

No-code app builders like bubble.io make it easy for anyone to build their own software now.

The name says it all: no-code app builders allow developers of all kinds to build the apps they want minus the technical burden of the process. Because coding makes exclusive traditional app development, only studied professionals can take on these projects.

Today, platforms like Bubble, Thunkable, and Betty Blocks have given birth to a new wave of technologists. Also known as citizen developers, those with zero coding backgrounds can now very much develop programs by themselves. Because no-code app builders optimize drag-and-drop features, all developers have to master is the science of visual programming.

That mentioned, there’s absolutely no reason why empowered creatives and entrepreneurs turn a blind eye to the opportunity of developing web apps.

No-code app builders: Here are the leading advantages of using web apps for business

Noticeable efficiency

Having numerous spreadsheets greet you at work isn’t only overwhelming, but unwise too. These take time to fill out and are often an invitation for human errors to take place, exposing your business to vulnerabilities that would otherwise have been avoidable.

Additionally, the absence of integration between multiple data sources can be tedious and time-consuming. Not only will you have to screen multiple files and documents to get a holistic overview of everything, but you’re also wasting other people’s time by asking them to utilize dated work management tools.

Web apps help you align your business goals and brand objectives with the way you work and approach projects. With improved accuracy in a fraction of the time, you allow yourself and colleagues to take on more complex work without the hassle of too many administrative tasks.

Even better, you help centralize your business tools, giving you easy access to all the data you need in real-time.

Improved accessibility

Web apps rest on the evolving strengths of web servers. In other words, you’re not only afforded a convenient business tool to work with, but you’re also extended easy access to whatever you need wherever you are. Because web apps can be opened in any browser, all you’ll need is an internet connection.

This is precisely why web apps are perfect for organizations and businesses built in the new normal; they allow everyone to easily get on board and work on what they need to on whatever device they’re on.

Whereas desktop-based programs demand regular updating, web apps are independent and are automatically updated. And because no-code app builders like Bubble take care of the back-end aspect of your app, there isn’t anything you should worry about anymore.

Easily scalable

One of the biggest problems of off-the-shelf-programs is that they’re not always the easiest to integrate with new technology. Businesses are evolving, and they’re evolving quickly. As such, it is high time for the modern business leader to optimize tools that work alongside them.

Custom web apps are designed to specifically support your business needs, allowing a lot of room for growth. What’s more, no-code app builders like Bubble easily allow developers to use plugins and third-party integrations to make web apps shine their brightest when needed.

For this very reason, web apps are perfect for business and the people behind them.

No-code app builders: what web apps can you build on Bubble?

Although web apps make for stellar organizational work management tools, they’re not limited to that only. Business leaders can also very much optimize a web app for e-commerce efforts.

For instance, if you’re a service-based professional, you can develop a startup app that allows your clients to select which services they need from you, what time they wish they can schedule a consultation, and how they wish to make a payment. This makes booking clients much more hassle-free and allows for smoother transactions too.

Furthermore, you can also develop marketplace web apps much like UberEats, Airbnb, and Amazon. Perfect for entrepreneurs who bank on their network of sellers and small businesses, you can easily create a platform that allows them to reach their audiences online.

From internal communication tools to digital empires like Skillshare, Glassdoor, and Grubhub, there is a universe of web apps you can build without ever having to code!

If you’re interested in actualizing the app of your dreams, we can help you!

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MVP.dev closed its doors on June 28, 2024 and is no longer taking clients.
MVP.dev closed its doors on June 28, 2024 and is no longer taking clients.
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