Why staff augmentation is the best for startups

With a boom of a more proactive entrepreneurial generation comes a surge in startups, big or small, in various industries. Everyone has been coming up with ideas for profitable businesses and the internet makes it possible for every average Joe to start up. So you have a business plan and a limited budget. You’re on the right path if you’re looking into augmenting your team.

Staff augmentation is a chunk of help not only in cutting down your overhead cost but also for clutch strategies to make your venture blossom.

What’s staff augmentation?

It’s a fresh strategy in business management where you outsource people to respond to a company’s needs. The hiring process is generally done by the companies or clients themselves allowing a lot of room to breathe in choosing talented individuals to perform specific tasks. The main catch of this trendy new style is its flexibility in handling the dynamic requisites in an organization. It has caught on so many startup businesses as it broadens the skills available through outsourcing freelancers and experts in particular fields with less risk through project-based systems which benefit both employers and workers. 

Why is it the best for startups?

It makes sense to squint suspiciously at a new concept and to protect your hard-earned investments. If you’re over the fence about outsourcing to a staff augmentation service, here are some points to look into as a venturing entrepreneur:

Saves cost

One of the major concerns in starting up your own business is budgeting. And since these days, almost everything costs a pretty penny saving each and every one, counts for a lot.

Firstly, the augmented staff is hired directly from the company which eliminates the need for HR or other related teams. Outsourcing experts in the fields needed on your project diminishes the cost of needing too many people on one thing and allows more budget for better use. Secondly, quality isn’t defined by cost. Freelance talents’ rates and management cost lower than regular workers. And lastly, since most of these hires work independently, the cost for equipment and space is also greatly reduced.

Full control

The success or failure of a newly birthed pursuit relies heavily on its first steps into the entrepreneur world. Hands-on control over who to partner with is another benefit of staff augmentation. Another way to take this task on is by partnering with staff augmentation services with better know-how and understanding of how businesses work which can be applied to your trade. When outsourcing a task to an affiliate, accountability lies on their shoulders. However, if you appraise and communicate directly with an augmented employee or service, there is better harmony in the process which would then produce better results. Kinks are detected and adjusted in earlier stages of development which narrows the room for error.

Dynamic staffing

Every member of the team must have a significant contribution to the project. Having pointed that out, the method applied in staff augmentation allows high-level flexibility in staffing and talents as it is designed for project-based programs that can be used for short or long-term goals. Using this scheme, a startup can easily reduce or increase its resources based on either the project’s needs or budget. This way, it’s less risky to commit to a long term position that might result in a loss. Teaming up with a staff augmentation service eliminates this risk altogether as they handpick experts in various fields to accommodate the company’s requests and can easily adjust staff picks from their curated pool of professionals should it not work out. 

Casting a wider net

In this new prospering age of freelance talents, outsourcing tasks to experts is the practical life hack, or should we say business hack. The world is a big pool of resources where people of every demographic offer their services at a reasonable cost. The bigger the pool, the better the catch. And so by commissioning the aid of staff augmentation services, startups can cast a wider net for specialists that can perform a temporary task minus the strings attached if it were a regular hire. With the advantage of an internet powered world, startups wouldn’t be limited to a particular geographical range. Options for both skills and cost are also extended to a global level.

What’s next?

It’s better to solicit seasoned individuals in a startup business as it reduces the chances of failure and loss in profit. Looking into staff augmentation might even shorten the ROI (or return in investment) as progress in this method is theoretically guaranteed. To add to that, having an interminable resource to aid whatever obstacle also assures growth not only in monetary terms but also in the operations side of your startup business.

Still over the fence? Why not look into what experts have to offer, call us!

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MVP.dev closed its doors on June 28, 2024 and is no longer taking clients.
MVP.dev closed its doors on June 28, 2024 and is no longer taking clients.
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