Why Hiring a Citizen Developer to Build Your App in 2022 Is Worth It

These days, there seems to be an app for pretty much everything. Be it work-related tools, entrepreneurial market reach, or just personal functions that help make life easier and more organized, mobile apps are a constant ally.

Although creating one for yourself or your growing business might look daunting, innovation has made it as easy as dragging and dropping features and functions to build your very own. With the use of user-friendly no-code tools, such as Bubble or Appy Pie, possibilities are as vast as your creativity takes you.

Still feeling a little technically challenged or just crunched up on time with more important matters? We got your back.

Mobile app builders exist to take the load off your shoulders. In this, you have two options: hiring a dev agency or getting a freelancer. Let’s hash out what each of these options have to offer and which one best fits your demand.

Taking the first step to a new start is always thrilling, so let’s jump right in!

Opting for a no-code app development agency

One time-efficient and relatively budget-friendly way to deal with technical aspects of your business is to outsource tasks that don’t require daily productive output.

No-code development agencies are best when you’re working on multi-faceted or more complicated projects that might need more than one pair of hands and creative juices to accomplish. Although no-code tools are easy to use, having more than one expert working in the project ensures the best outputs.

Additionally, these agencies have a collection of experienced personnel who’ve dealt with different types of clients in various industries giving them that extra edge of having seasoned experts in different fields chipping in their best ideas such as additional features and tricks to make your mobile app edgier.

Not only do agencies pitch in the creative chops department, but they also have the resources to run their tasks without needing you to shell out for anything. This also means, they are best for when you need pros to maintain your mobile app.

What to check out for when shopping for a no-code app development agency:

  • Their portfolio. You might want to browse previews and previous work from agencies to see if they are aligned with the branding and skills needed to achieve your mobile app goals.
  • Reviews. Checking out feedback from previous and current clients can be helpful in deciding if a certain agency is worth investing in.
  • The team. Many agencies are now transparent in sharing the members of their teams and have member’s profiles available on their website. Looking whether the team members are up to the task with their accreditations and skills is also essential to make sure that the quality of output is assured.
  • Agility. Arguably, the best thing about working with no-code tools is the capacity to launch, iterate, and build faster. Yes, traditionally coded apps have perks of their own, too, but it’s hard to ignore how convenient and cost-efficient no-code platforms are.

Work with a citizen developer

For smaller businesses and personal pursuits with budgetary constraints, freelance web app builders are the better option.

Communication is a key factor in building an app as it’s a complex and especially detail-centered task. Therefore, having to direct just one creative can be a positive as communication can be clearer and more personal.

Another good reason for picking freelance talent is if you only require a one-time project-based gig. Which in turn means, they charge relative to the work required.

Speaking of budget, freelance creatives are also more flexible in their rates. Depending on their experience and skills, you can choose someone with the rates or skills you need. Platforms for a freelancer who can build your mobile app are expansive, nowadays, such as Upwork.

What to look for when browsing for a freelance web app developer:

  • Their freelance portfolio. As with agencies, freelancers’ rates are usually parallel to their skills. Checking if their previous work is at par with their rates is one of the first things to check when looking for a potential freelancer.
  • Reviews. Just as it is with anything, experience from previous clients can give you a peek at whether or not a particular creative is the one you’re looking for. If they don’t have one, asking for references can be another way to check their credibility.
  • Their career profile. Scrutinizing an applicant or potential freelancer is easier if they can provide their skillset and accreditations. Knowing their offerings as well as their limits can help you envision your partnership even clearer.

What’s Next?

Creating an app with no-code tools can go even smoother with the help of established experts, be it an agency or a freelance talent.

Do you have app ideas you want to explore? We’re the team you want to partner with! Try our MVP Prototyping mini-course now!

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