Why Ecommerce Needs No-Code

In the time of Covid-19, ecommerce is bigger than ever. In the US, ecommerce penetration hit 21.3% in 2020, from 15.8% in 2019 and 14.3% in 2018. In 2021, even though life is slowly returning to normal, business owners and consumers alike have experienced firsthand the convenience and benefits of ecommerce.

So where does no-code come in? As more and more entrepreneurs venture into ecommerce, the need for quicker, more streamlined processes grows.

Here’s a look at why ecommerce needs no-code:

People’s Preferences Are Changing Faster Than Ever

These days, people change brand preferences as quickly as they change face masks. What this means for ecommerce shops is there is constant pressure to keep up with these demands.

If you go to store A and they don’t have the brand you’re looking for, what do you do? You don’t wait for them to get the brand; you just go to store B.

You wouldn’t want to be store A in this case.

No-code platforms give retailers the flexibility needed to meet the rapidly shifting demands of the market.

More Personalized Customer Experiences

In terms of marketing, teams who handle multiple sites have more flexibility and autonomy to make changes on landing pages and email sequences when they use no-code platforms. This eliminates the need for filing tickets to the IT staff to make the changes.

In addition, citizen developers often have more direct interaction with customers than IT staff. This means that they have a better understanding of what customers really want, so any changes made to the digital store are likely to be more personalized.

Survival of the Fittest

In the business sphere, competition is always cutthroat. No matter how novel or sellable your ideas are, if you don’t keep up with the latest market trends, you’re bound to be left in the dirt.

Since the global market has shifted more of its attention to ecommerce, online retailers must ensure that they’re at the top of their game. Building your ecommerce site with no-code gives you this edge. How? Through no-code’s flexibility, you’re granted the ability to take charge of digital transformation fast. Time is money when your business is open 24/7. The quicker you adapt to market demands, the higher you stay in the retail food chain.

Seamless Operations Through Automation

no-code offers easier workflow automation. For business operations that are time-bound, the quicker you get processes done, the better.

These are just a few processes that can be automated:

Managing Inventory

For especially large shops, inventory can be a nightmare. But with automation, there’s no need for complex spreadsheets that are so taxing to read. Instead, inventory can be sorted by category or ratings, for example, and can be managed with just a few clicks. And because retailers can get a concise, accurate overview of their inventory, decisions and approvals can be made faster, which adds to overall efficiency.

Managing Vendors

Anyone who’s worked a corporate job knows how inconvenient and time consuming it can be to contact someone via email. The same goes for retailers trying to contact their suppliers. Often you have to wait for replies or update spreadsheets, which takes a good amount of time.

However, when vendor management is automated, the need for contact via email or spreadsheet between retailer and supplier is eliminated. This means communication is more likely to be error-free, and seamless.

Fulfilling Orders

There’s arguably nothing more disheartening to customers when they can’t order an item because of stock issues.

Through workflow automation, stocks are properly managed. Retailers will know immediately if they’re low on stock and can therefore address this problem quickly.

Responding to Queries, Complaints, and Reviews

If you’ve run a business before you should know by now that you really can’t please everyone. Customers will always have questions and complaints, and it’s always best to address these in a timely manner (unless you want your business to go viral for all the wrong reasons!).

However, it can be daunting to respond to every single message manually. no-code stores can instead automate this process to ensure customers are responded to quickly.

Refunds and Returns

Unhappy customers are inevitable when running a business. Regardless of whatever policy

Similar to addressing queries, complaints, and reviews, processing refunds and returns can be automated. This saves time and more importantly gets rid of any inaccuracy that may come from manual processing.

no-code: The Best Ecommerce Solution

There’s no doubt that no-code is a game changer. And in a world where online shopping is becoming consumers’ go-to, its necessity becomes more evident to digital entrepreneurs.

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