What Service Professionals Should Do To Find Clients

According to a survey, some service providers in select industries were among the hardest hit since global lockdowns took place in 2020. Travel and leisure businesses, for instance, are among the most economically devastated.

Given today’s economy, it’s become even more imperative for service professionals to diversify their revenue streams to keep afloat. Whether you’re a startup founder or a serviced-based gig worker, you’re going to want to make sure that your clientele is extensive and profitable.

Here are the leading ways to acquire new clients in the service-based space:

Look for hidden job markets

Service-based leaders who send marketing decks and introduction letters to clients may be at a huge disadvantage. Hiring managers and recruiters have very little time for them, choosing even to discredit the majority of these pitches.

A more viable approach is to look into undisclosed open projects. Check with your business associates, social media contacts, friends, and acquaintances. Ask them if they know founders and startups who could use your services. Networking is an impactful strategy for landing new gigs and closing business deals.

The hidden job market takes up a substantial part of the economy, with sources even saying that unposted jobs account for more than 50% of the economy. In other words, some of the best opportunities aren’t those that are advertised. Capitalize on your friend groups and let people know what you do. You’d be surprised what surfaces in your direction if you market yourself well enough.

Prioritize strategic accounts

A healthy thing to do when considering prospects is separating high-value prospects from regular prospects. As the name implies, high-value targets are those that have good funding to employ your services. Many times, these clients are also the easiest to work with and have the most respect for business processes and creative freedom.

In contrast, agencies who work with low-margin accounts often have greater chances of weakened cash flows. Bad clients imprison serviced-based workers into a cycle of paycheck to paycheck reliance, as they’re ill-equipped to grab money-making projects.

Service professionals who are determined to last must understand that high-value clients are who they should fight for and retain. Naturally, apart from word of mouth and traditional networking, these clients become convinced to work with those whose portfolios are strong and have competitive pricing. Of course, a stunning web app is a plus too.

Acquaint yourself with decision-makers

When you play your cards right, you better understand the science of timing. Your chances of working on profitable projects with high-income clients may be great, but you also have to know when these chances exist. Simply put, you can acknowledge that you have the skills to close huge deals, they may just not be now.

Hiring managers and company owners are busy and have personal affairs too. What’s more, the need for your services might just not be there yet, but that doesn’t mean they’ll never need it. Continue to network yourself and acquaint yourself with business leaders and corporate bigwigs. If you don’t end up working with them, they can always refer you to someone else.

Social media has made it easier to connect with others, so there really isn’t a reason for you not to widen your circle. Join Facebook groups, work on your LinkedIn, and keep a close eye on personalities you wish to work with. Put in the effort in building a platform for yourself too. Whether a podcast, a blog, or a Youtube channel, these things will work to your advantage if you calculate your steps well closely.

It can be exhausting to keep putting yourself out there, but not everything you do should have immediate returns. What’s important is people know who you are, what you do, and what you can bring to the table.

Invest in a dynamic website or web app

Your digital footprint is just as important as your skills. You could be the most talented designer, copywriter, or marketer, but if your personal brand is non-existent online, let alone doesn’t display the full extent of your gifts, you could be on the losing end. No-code platforms like Squarespace and Bubble are perfect for when you need to build a site or app, respectively.

Take the time to acquaint yourself with these providers and prepare a game plan for your next move. For your prospects to know that you deliver, your digital footprint will have to support that.

Everyone has a social media account or a job profile these days. A site or app will help you stand out.

What’s next?

The market is more competitive than ever, so you’re going to want to remain on top of your game. These pointers are all fantastic reminders but know that nothing great ever happens overnight. Keep connecting, hustling, and providing valuable content to your existing clients, and you’ll do just fine.

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