Top Freelance Gigs in 2022

Because of how massively untouchable the digital space is today, jobs surrounding technology and the many facets it covers continue to increase. From analytics to automation, roles that augment the advancement of the web are high in demand. Industry findings reveal a lot about the future of corporate, and a huge fraction of the studies all point to how bright tomorrow is looking for many freelancers.

Precisely why for this article, we’re pulling back the curtain on the top gigs for freelancers in 2022!

Whether you’re a professional looking to quit your 9 to 5 or are a freelance veteran, this feature article is for you!

Top Freelance Gigs in 2022

App developers

This should come as no surprise. Saying that we all live online now may sound like hyperbole, but it really isn’t far from the truth. From booking flights to buying groceries, much of how we consume what we do and approach what we can all have something to do with the internet. As such, both web and mobile apps have been solid solutions for a lot of things—work, university, entertainment, shopping, you name it!

There’s an app for everything!

Because of that, the demand for app developers only keeps growing. As a result, tech professionals who are proficient in Java, C++, and the like are very sought after today. More interestingly, the advent of no-code has also given birth to a new breed of app creators. Citizen developers are those that create apps from scratch by optimizing only no-code platforms.

In other words, citizen developers build software without having to write lines and lines of code. As no-code platforms make great use of visual programming, virtually any determined professional can now build apps on their own without having to have a hefty technical background. Thanks to drag-and-drop interfaces, building apps have gotten exponentially faster and more feasible.

Furthermore, no-code has also empowered non-coders to start creating digital solutions on their own. From employees to entrepreneurs, app development no longer feels like an industry that’s lightyears away.

All things considered, it makes perfect sense why freelance gigs in this space are highly requested.

Creative Content Creators

Social media isn’t slowing down. Platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube only keep getting bigger. Following this surge is also the demand for more creators. From graphic designers to copy and scriptwriters, the need for more content creators is evident by the overwhelming number of content we see and experience every day.

What’s more the rise of video content also means that video production professionals are even more needed in this economy. This means that gigs for videographers, editors, camera personnel, colorists, and other film-related positions will only keep expanding, as well.

Whether for marketing purposes or advertising initiatives, expect freelance gigs in these spaces to thrive.

Customer Support Specialists

E-commerce is a growing beast. Now that many of us prefer shopping online, the demand for back-office support is growing too. More people are needed to help track orders, appease frustrated customers, and reply to client inquiries.

Furthermore, the rise of digital celebrities and online business owners also opens a lot of doors to virtual assistants. From scheduling meetings to posting content on social media platforms, the list of virtual errands is endless!

SEO Specialists

Over are the days when brands would only work hard to have their websites appear online. Today, the goal isn’t just for websites to be functional and pack a delightful UX, the updated objective for brands now is to top search engines. This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keeps getting bigger.

Among the many duties of an SEO specialist is to identify strategies, find relevant keywords, optimize websites, monitor performance metrics, and collaborate with creatives to ensure visual assets are SEO-ready.

It’s a lot of work!

The internet is a humongous place, and for your website or web app to appear on the top of the list, you’re going to need experts to keep looking out for trends and theorizing techniques for your business to effectively reach its target market online. The skills needed for these gigs vary from analytical talents to knowing how to make clever use of Google tools and link-building practices.

What’s Next?

It’s a freelancer’s world, and more independent creatives are finding value in owning their time and submitting to leadership they’re comfortable with. 2022 may still be plagued with an ongoing pandemic, but the future’s looking bright for the gig economy!

Do you have apps you’d like to build for your business? We can help. Give us a call today!

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