Top 5 Web App Ideas For Healthcare

To say that 2020 has been an eventful string of months would be a devastating understatement. With vaccines underway, one can only hope that medical communities receive all the aid and support they need to revive a struggling planet plagued with untimely fatalities and spiraling economies.

That mentioned, 2021 is the most suitable time to begin founding startups dedicated to augmenting the health care sector. If you’re a business leader looking to explore a digital venture, here are five web app ideas you can consider: 

1. On-Demand Doctor

You don’t have to study medicine to understand that the urgency to speak with a doctor is much more apparent at this time. As large gatherings and deferrable hospital visits are still discouraged today, the capacity to consult with a medical expert, albeit online, can never be undermined.

The Telehealth industry is growing, and for obvious reasons, it’s expected to boom even more next year. Developing a platform where patients and doctors can connect isn’t only a profitable business concept; it’s a noble pursuit, too.

Several strategies are available for developing an app such as this, but partnering with doctors in particular regions help streamline costs. For instance, existing web apps that fulfill these services are often incredibly pricey, mainly because these apps’ coverage is so vast. If, say, someone from the Philippines opened a doctor on-demand web app, and only a medical expert from, say, the UK, was available, they would have to pay so much more than how much they usually would if they’d see a local doctor.

That factored in, employ doctors near you, and market your web app to people you share a town with.

2. Women’s Wellbeing

Rightfully so, more people are putting a premium on the medical welfare of women. From pregnancy matters to period concerns, there is a long list of things women need doctors for.

Moreover, developing a safe platform where women can seek the help they need is very much warranted. Partner with various medical experts to widen your app’s scope and keep organizing digital events highlighting women’s health. Connecting women to health professionals they know they can count on only fosters a stronger community of women supporting each other.

3. Lifestyle Diseases

Chronic diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes demand regular attention. Hence, developing a lifestyle disease management product is a bright startup idea.

For this app, users can monitor their health, directly access their doctors, and track their medication progress. Features can vary, but ultimately, the goal is to ensure that those who go through these kinds of diseases are accounted for. You can partner with various medical institutions and collaborate with numerous doctors for a project such as this.

By providing a platform that takes care of patients in this space, you help improve the quality of their lives. Consequently, from an entrepreneur’s perspective, you’re also sure to have a market no matter what season of the year. 

4. Personal Medical Records

Let’s face it, unless you enjoy journaling, you’re most probably not going to physically write down on a piece of paper the illnesses you’ve acquired in recent history. An application like this helps doctors better understand one’s health status before meeting a patient.

What’s more, users can also better monitor their bodies and aptly list down the medicines they need and the medical procedures they need to take, if applicable, allowing the unnecessary filling out of forms in clinics and hospitals. In other words, this app makes doctor appointments more efficient.

5. Diet Trackers and Weight Loss Monitoring

One of the most pressing issues of today is the shedding of unwanted body fat. With applications like this, users can note their meals and track their calorie count and other equally essential elements to weight loss. Additionally, diet tracker apps are also great platforms for people to access professional dieticians.

From workout tips to virtual yoga sessions, web apps that encourage people to stay in shape are stellar digital products that help better mental health. As losing weight is a sensitive subject, being able to e-meet experts who understand the difficulty and challenges of living clean and healthy is a project worthy of consideration.


There can never be enough help for the healthcare space. With the novel coronavirus claiming lives left and right, the need for us to remember how valuable staying fit is, is very much a necessity today.

Furthermore, the capacity to meet doctors when we need to see them is a right we don’t always enjoy. By developing more healthcare apps, we initiate discussions and move forward with science as responsibly as possible.

Fortunately, with the no-code movement in our favor, building applications has never been easier. Visual programming has enabled more entrepreneurs to go hard after their dreams, making them spearhead tech projects without writing a single line of code.

If you have a health startup you’d like to discuss, we’re all ears. Let’s build your app as creatively and efficiently as possible! Give us a call!

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